<<*MAC Autumn Winter Trends 2008*>>

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  1. is goldmine similar to golden lemon? or is it more yellow-ish? That is gorgeous. i like that look & honed.
  2. I just looked at all those today. I love that one!!!!!!! I wonder if even I could get away with it for a funky nighttime look (I have blue eyes and red hair).
  3. I like this eye look too.

    The black, shiny lipstick, not so much :tdown:

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  4. Wow Tiss I say go for it! The gold one and the blue ones under seventease are GORGEOUS but I donno if I could do it, haha.
  5. ^^ Thanks, Dusty. I'm goin' for it. Already on my list for when I go to the MAC store today...:P

    I liked the blue one too; we seem to have similar taste!

    Ditto, Shakti. Black lips are odd. Maybe for Halloween? Or the runway, but certainly NOT in everyday life. I can imagine my boss' face if I walked in with black lips. lmao!
  6. You could probably get a similar, albeit toned down, effect to the shiny black lips by using a lipstick is that deep red or purple to the point of being almost black. I am thinking something like Diva, Dark Side, or Cyber with the high shine gloss layered over the top.

    Overall, I liked a lot of the looks. I spent some time thinking up ways to recreate them with the products I have on hand and how I could modify them to fit my skin tone and personal style. Fun!
  7. I really wish I could get away with these kinds of looks!
  8. Me too. I'm playing around with the idea of modifying a few.

    There are some that are quite tame on there. Did you look at the all. There are about 20 looks.

  9. I'm not sure. I think Golden Lemon is yellowy. (I know that isn't a word...).

    ETA: Here you go... This should help compare. I LOVE this site.

  10. i'm totally going to try recreating this look, though of course i'll have to modify since i don't have these shades :Push:

    i'm thinking maybe sunny girl from the dresscamp palette will be similar to the golden lemon, although it's not nearly as gold--i may have to do a little playing around with various shades to recreate the color! and it'll give me an excuse to break out the smoke & diamonds and use that on the outer half :P
  11. I just wish my eyeliner skills were better.
  12. I like ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :heart:
  13. I love that look too! I already do a super similar look to that one a lot but with Goldmine & Greensmoke.

    I think I'll have to buy Golden Lemon, it looks more intense than Goldmine!
  14. Wow, so cool! I love the trend toward deeper lips for F/W, and I LOVE that seventease look MissTiss posted...for me IRL I would do it with a creamier but still shimmery pigment as yellow is wacko on me...(yoo hoo, where is my jardin aires delivery mr ups man, lol). I also love the BRUN (black-brown) e/s...