MAC Addicts~Brushes Help Needed!

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  1. So I got my first MAC makeover and I'm sold to MAC now :yes:

    I just bought some brushes but i'd like your help on getting some more or whatever suggestions you MAC addicts might have for me.

    I always do the smokey eye makeup and here's the #'s I bought.

    150, 266 and 316.
    Do you think I should get 224 and 242 as well or the ones I bought will do it?

    Thank You!:heart:
  2. For a brush suggestion, the 187 has many fans. :smile:
    It's fantastic for applying foundation (liquid or mineral) and blush. It creates a very smooth, airbrushed finish.
    It is by far my favorite brush, and because I use it everyday, it is worth the money. ($42)
  3. glowy-Thank You for your reply and suggestion :smile:
    I'm looking for eye brushes though...any suggestions besides the ones I bought? TIA
  4. I have the 217 blending brush good for crease/ blending
    228 mini shaper good for blending out hard lines and all over color
    224 awesome for blending the crease.
    242 shader brush
  5. I bought the craft store version and they work GREAT
  6. 239 and 224 are really good brushes.

    My favourite is the 182 though. Perfect for powder foundation, loose powder and blending blushes, bronzers, highlighters.
  7. I LOVE my MAC brushes!!! Love love:


    I plan to get the 219, 272, 188 and either the 168 or 169.
  8. 263 is a MAC store exclusive and is hands down the best eye brush i've ever used. if you love a really polished eye, this is the way to go. i use it with paint pots or the liquid liner.
  9. Thanks for all the great info ya'll! Now I have so much research to do...:ty: