MAC 109 Brush: My Love/Hate Relationship

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  1. I have a MAC 109 brush and I've been using it for, oh, six weeks to two months, I guess. I've used it and washed it many times (using Japonesque brush cleaner).

    Why I love it: It's just a great all-around brush for blending and light buffing. I love the way it feels and the look it creates.

    Why I hate it: Dang, it sheds. I don't mean one or two bristles. I don't mean 5 or 6. I mean, it leaves my face littered with bristles every time I use it. I have to sweep all of them away with a kabuki brush.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Is your MAC 109 a shedder or did I get a lemon?
  2. oh wow mine sheds like crazy to .. buts its such a nice brush especially for liquid foundation
  3. I love the 109 and mine shed a lot the first couple of uses. People have said to use the brush lightly and it should help.
  4. Hmmm. I'm not talking lightly for the first couple of uses, I'm talking copiously for dozens of uses. Maybe it IS a lemon.
  5. Mine only sheds if I press down on my face too hard. I brush lightly and it doesn't shed all that much. It blends so well and gives me such an airbrushed look that I wouldn't trade it for the world.
  6. Hi Rondafaye! Why don't you take your brush into the MAC Store, and see what they say. It really couldn't hurt. Maybe it shouldn't be shedding as much as it is, and they might replace it for you. Just let them know how much you enjoy this brush. Show them how you use it, and when it sheds all over you what can they say. JMHO
  7. That's a good idea. I'm wondering if I'm brushing too firmly with it. I'm going to be more gentle tomorrow to see if it helps. I'm serious, though, about the shedding. This morning I felt like Sasquatch.