MABs Fall 2009

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  1. Is it me or are there being fewer MABs introduced as of late. I much prefer the bigger size because I am bigger sized ;). I ordered a sunshine MAM at the OOS. When it arrives, I will really get to see if it is too small.

    I am hoping they will release the purple haze in a Morning After Bag or even a long tasseled Mattie. I would really love one!!

    What do you think? Are seeing less of the MAB??
  2. I've been thinking the same thing? What are there no MAB in these new colors/leathers? I inquired about the lavender MAB and was told by RM it was sold out. I didn't even know they were "out". Strange.
  3. There will be Zip MAB's coming out later this year. Luna Boston has some for preorder, didn't see Purple Haze though.
  4. I know!!!!!~
    I was thinking about this the other day as well! I'm guessing maybe MAMs are more popular. I actually love the MAB size and I'm a tiny gal. I'd love a Purple Haze MAB as well :drool: Sounds.. . like the perfect sister for my Pearly MAB :biggrin:
  5. My first RM was a sage MAM. I thought it was too small when I got it, but I use it......Now I have two MABS and I much prefer their size. I hope RM doesnt decide that the smaller bags are more important.......Choice is great. I have full size Nikkis and at times I think they are too big. Then I got the mini Devote and I love that size. Still big enough. But my MABs are still my favorite. Keep making them! Codi did tell me that the Teal MABs arent out of production yet, so they are coming!!!
  6. I have been thinking the same thing ...I love the MAB and hope that they make them more avaialable. I have a couple of MAM and I like them, but they are just a taf too small for me.
  7. RM said on the LB Q/A that in general they have been producing a little less of each bag so they don't have soooo much overstock, and will produce more as demand requires. The MAB she said is her favorite, and most classic bag, and it'll never go anywhere :nogood:
  8. It does seem like the MAM is a better size for most people, unless you really do carry a lot of things. I have a handful of MAMs, but only one MAB....the size is a bit big for me.
  9. I was noticing this too. LB seems to be carrying MAM only lately. It's sad. I LOVE my MABs.
  10. I think it's because smaller bags in general are making a comeback after a few years of people carrying really massive bags. My theory is that the big bags are more popular and pratical in the large urban centres where you spend lots of time commuting on public transit so you need a big bag to carry your stuff with you. In smaller cities or for people with cars it doesn't make too much sense to carry a huge bag just to shop at walmart LOL. As RM becomes more popular outside NYC I think you'll see more of the smaller styles popping up. But that's just me and my over analyzing. :idea::thinking:
  11. I also see alot of people with small/medium sized bags, and an extra tote for their things. Maybe this is the trend in more urban areas too?
  12. I'm so anxious to see what a TEAL MAB looks like :drool:
  13. ^Me too Anna! BTW...hon, I hope you find a job real soon AND a job you really enjoy!
  14. TXCoachGirlie - I carry an extra tote sometimes. I like to spread the weight a bit so that I'm not throwing it all onto one shoulder. I also have a large leather crossbody briefcase I use sometimes but it is more manly looking.
  15. I love the MAB size too! Although lately I find myself carrying a MAC most often and then an extra canvas tote for my kids stuff. I like to have my wallet, phone, keys etc, on me at all times and then carry my 'kid bag' when necessary.