Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff
Jun 6, 2006
Ladies, next fall with be the official 5 year anniversary of the bag that started it all, the MAB! Because you are so important to me, I wanted to find out what would be an amazing way to take our MAB and celebrate her? What as a consumer would you want to get for a 5 year milestone? Thanks for the tips! They WILL be def helpful!!!! :yahoo:
Hi Rebecca
Not sure, my brain is not working well right now ~ too tired, but we all know that it will need to be an extra special Anniversary Edition bag, that will not be recut or remade, as that will keep the bag special indeed.
Will sleep on it and give my input, as so many others will I'm sure. It will be a sort of collaboration bag :smile:
Yes.. leather!

Can you make stamped leather like this one? It is amazingly beautiful.. i just wish it is on a RM bag
Wait, wait... I changed my mind. I still am all for the old school MAB return with brass hardware (or maybe silver hardware) and perhaps the return of a fabulous fall color, like Tomato, or maybe the elusive glazed sisters (almond and espresso) :love: