Mabel shopping

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  1. Hi all, I emailed mulberry as per a suggestion last week to try and track down an aqua or midnight mabel...they have got back in touch today and say
    "I am afraid that we do not have any of the Turquoise left in stock."

    "We have the ocean colour which is a very bright blue colour as well as an Indigo Mabel, however this is in the material called hair calf."

    Indigo hair calf mabel? Don't think that's a bag for me, but it would be cool to see pics. I guess that it would be waaaaaaay out of my price bracket too :wtf:
    So I'm back to square one, I really want a mabel and having seen the chocolate saddle and antique in London at the weekend I'm broadening my wishlist.
    Medium mabel in choc (either antique or saddle) or pebble seem to be attainable, I would dearly love an aqua or midnight bag but unless one comes up at outlet or ebay and I see it in time then I think I'll have to put them on my "holy grail, not going to happen" list.

    The only other problem is price....I've never paid more than £220 for a bag so £400 ish is a big leap for me and I may have to sell Brooke to fund Mabel.
    I do love Brooke, but she was bought primarily for taking to Japan and I don't have enough nights out to justify keeping her in the face of Mabel lust.

    Any thoughts chaps? Thanks for letting me ramble....

  2. Pheebs this is a tough one, the problem being the bag you want in the colours you want have all been popular sellers so finding one at a good price will be tricky unless a faulty or marked one comes into the outlets - I guess you have to keep trying.

    I think if there is one that is still available in the colour you want and if you have a bag that you aren't using and probably won't use then offloading would be a good option but how hard was it to get the brooke? If you think you might use it in the future, will you struggle to find another one?
  3. Pheebs, I think you should wait for the one you really want. I know that Mulberry gave you a summary of their stock but I would imagine that is their main stock, as opposed to outlet/factory store stock.

    Who's to say there won't be a load of aqua Mabels turning up in the outlet just before the summer? That would give you a bit of time to save up, too.

    In addition, people who've bought them will be selling them to make way for new purchases - so one could turn up on eBay :shrugs: Set up a favourite search so that you get notified if it appears.

    And put a "wishlist" note in your signature so that we can all keep any eye out for you.
  4. I agree with Ditab.

    You might have to go over your normal bag budget to get a mabel though, especially a Chocolate Saddle Leather one. Definitely wait until you find the bag that you really want.

    If you really don't use Brooke and don't think that you would regret it if she went, then sell her and keep the funds until you see the bag you really want.
  5. Pros
    Brooke is a classic, she'll never date and she is the perfect evening / occasion bag.

    I want a mabel NOW!
    You are right, I should keep Brooke and try to relax and not rush into a Mabel purchase.I'm just in bag lust mode, which is a dangerous place for me.

    BUT The chocolate antique is gorgeous, I saw a mini in this leather and it was smooshy but didn't show the marks as easily as other antique leather colours...honestly I was shocked at how worn a few of the ocean and fuschia bags looked in the shops.
    I don't have anything in choco since I let my Blenheim go, she was too small but choco is a beautiful and versatile colour.

    2.go.2 was selling a choc medium on ebay last night, it went for a little over £400 and I think the outlets have them and pebble at the moment for around £416...

    If an aqua or midnight ever turn up then I will seize them and worry about how to fund it later!

    So I think I'm saving for a choc....or pebble and on a long term hunt for aqua or midnight
  6. That sounds like a good plan pheebs!
  7. Thanks all, good to know there are like minded folk out there who understand the crazy bag fever!
  8. Thanks Snow, I'd seen the medium one listed, but the sellers feedback is low so I'm uhmming and ahhing...
  9. The stock at the outlets will change soon and they'll be putting out spring & summer colours. You may well find that there is an aqua one tucked away in the storeroom waiting to come out when the s/s stock goes out.
    We'll add your aqua Mabel hunt to Ali-B's red Mabel hunt!
  10. Very kind sj, I'll keep trying the outlets but don't want to drive them to irritation by phoning every week so if others can keep an eye out too that will be hugely appreciated.
  11. I think the stock will change around March/April so I don't think you'll see an aqua one popping up before then.
    If there's one to be found, we'll find it!
  12. Oh pheebs what a tough decision! I do understand where you are coming from though, I was totally bitten by the mabel bug and simply *had* to have a pebble one... uhhmed and ahhed about selling some of my bags for ages (to fund it)... bags that I loved, but knew I wouldnt get much use out of for one reason or the other. Its tough, but I rationalised it by thinking 'well I cant have an unlimited amount of bags - if I put mabel and existing bag side by side which one would always win out?' It was mabel therefore existing bag had to go.

    Dont give up your search though, as SJ said, who knows what will turn up at the outlets, and you have loads of people all with their eyes peeled for you now! Pebble was a seasonal colour and look how many of them have popped up at the outlet recently!
  13. I agree add it to ur wishlist and if it pops up we'll all pm u!!!
    Plus it will give u time to save up x