Mabel Red orAntony -Black/Choc or Oak

  1. Hello Everyone....

    Im a newbie and want to get a new bag....Its my birthday in June so have time to save up...I really like the RED Mabel and the Antony Bag but can't decide which to get...

    I think I might end up buying both but not sure which one to get first...Im going to have a look at the Bicester Outlet next week.

    Which would u get and why if this is your first Mulberry bag?

    Thanks !

  2. Great choice of bags and totally different. Are you in need of a small hands free messenger bag or are you after a larger everyday handbag? I think you should get whichever one you'll make more use out of first.
    As far as what colour Antony bag to get- I have the black one ( as you've seen in my other post- thanks for the lovely comment!) and I also have a chocolate one with a beige strap ( although thinking of getting the strap changed at a later date). I like the look of the oak one but what puts me off that particular bag is I'd be worried about it getting colour transfer from rubbing on jeans. Personally don't think you could go wrong with a red mabel, a black antony - then all you need is an oak or chocolate bayswater!!!!

    have fun choosing!
  3. Wow, two completely different bags and looks for different needs. If you budget is low, start with the Antony. A classic bag you will always use. I have a black Antony. If you have more $$ and you see a good Mabel and you like it...go for it. But my feeling is, after you buy the Mabel, you'll still want the Antony. But possibly, after you buy the Antony, you may not want the Mabel. Have fun!
  4. By the way samina welcome to the mulberry forum. You're in good company here. by the way are you a gemini? we seem to be over represented on the Mulberry forum!!!
  5. Thank u for the comments...Im a Cancer but on the cusp so could also be Gemini. I like the size and colour of the Mabel .... but also love the classic look of the Antony....Its soo hard now I want both!! I think I might go for the Black Antony first and then in choc... and for my birthday I'll get the Mabel.

  6. You've got bitten by the lovely mulberry bug already!
  7. Has anyone seen the Mabel in the Bicester Outlet?
  8. You could phone them and ask. Bicester no is 01869 322882

    All the outlets will post to UK
    cheshire oaks 07515577598
    shepton mallet 01749 340583
    York 01904 611055
  9. I have seen a red Mabel at Shepton but they haven't had many come through.
  10. Thanks for the contact numbers Jo... and Thanks for the heads up SJ.

    Just tried Shepton but they didn't have it in stock but they have had them in...but they do have it in snakeskin... Tried ringing Bicester but no one picks up :sad: