Mabel Modelling Pics?

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  1. Would anyone be kind enough to post their Mabel modelling pics? I've looked in other threads and can't find any! Thanks x
  2. I've just bought a dark pink Mabel. I'll get some modelling pics down tomorrow for you.

    Been gardening today (until the snow came) so I'm not exactly dressed for modelling pics at the mo!
  3. If you look though the catwalk thread you will see some great mabel pictures from Keri and her purple Mabel.

    Oops maybe not !! They are not on there ?

    I`m sure I see some great pictures of her purple mabel ??

    Maybe I`m losing the plot today !!!
  4. My red Mabel is under the thread " Red hot mulberry Mabel"
  5. Thanks! I'm wondering if anyone here has a large mabel (not the maxi, just the wider one) cause I have the opp to get one but I don't know if it'd be too big on me? I'm about 5"7 (often wear heels though, making me more 5"10-11) and a UK 10-12. Any thoughts much appriciated!!
  6. I just returned the large Mabel. I am 6' tall (in stocking feet) and did not think the bag was too big for me, as far as proportion, but it is quite a big bag. The main reason I returned it is that I didn't like how the buckle across the bag has to be unfastened and fastened every time (it works like a belt - there is no magnetic "clasp" as there is on the regular Mabel or the Roxy).
  7. Thanks goldenflower, I'm thinking I might get it just for the fact that im a musician and perform quite a lot and often have to lug around large amounts of stuff such as stage makeup/hairspray/performance shoes/bits of uniform etc etc and I'm thinking it's probably the most lovely bag I could find to fit it all in!!