* Mabel & Mitzy news from Mulberry*

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  1. Thought I'd drop Mulberry a line to ask about the rumours of new Mabel Hobo colours. Got a very speedy and helpful reply informing me that in September they will be releasing the bag in Oak and a Rouge Noir Metallic Soft Calf Leather:yahoo:. I for one will be checking the website daily in Sept - intrigued to know what the RN Metallic will look like !

    I also asked when the Medium Mitzy Hobo will be appearing on the website and was told it should be there by mid-August. Oh dear, I feel my ban may be severely tested again in the near future :rolleyes:.
  2. Thanks for the info Tagullah! I wonder if the Midnight Blue Mitzy will appear mid August as well?
  3. Also the RN Shimmy quilted tote and hobo will be by mid August :yahoo:
  4. They offered the oak to me in exchange for the butterscotch. I already have a Mitzy, so I turned it down.
    I thought she said they were in stock at the warehouse, so it might be worth calling now if you really want one.
  5. i wish that the new season bags were less tempting-the quilted shimmy is gorgeous, I like the RN Mitzy too and the midnight blue Mitzy sounds very lovely too...
  6. Hmmm .. did they mean the hair calf leather I wonder?

    Mulberry - Luxury English Fashion
  7. PS - I know that is the Mitzy & you mentioned the Mabel .. just wondering if it will be the same leather!?

  8. I hope not :wtf::lol:

    But i'm looking forward to seeing the hobo in a colour that may finally break my resolve!
  9. I am intrigued by the emerald and midnight mitzy hobos, cant wait to see these!