Mabel is here - a day earlier than expected!

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  1. FedEx tracking initially said that it was due to be delivered on 4/4 ... but just a short while ago my doorbell rang and for some reason, I thought it had to be FedEx. It was!

    I eagerly unpacked the box - couldn't wait to see this glorious red Mabel! :yes:

    And she is a beautiful bag! Gorgeous color, really nice leather, great size for me. But ... a few things bother me. First, the buckle across the bag isn't magnetic (for some reason, I thought it would be - maybe because it is on the Roxy). So I'd have to unbuckle/buckle the darn thing every single time I wanted in or out of the bag. That is a major hassle to me, and I avoid bags that have details like that. The bag looks sloppy and floppy when the buckle is left undone, so that's not an option.

    The second thing is the side flaps are really quite floppy. When the bag isn't buckled closed, the side flaps just gape open. I suppose they're meant to hold papers, files, etc. but I don't carry that sort of thing around with me. Plus I think it would spoil the look of the bag to have those pockets stuffed.

    I like the look of the bag overall, and the size, and the color - but am not sure it's worth the hassle to me to deal with the buckle all the time. I had one of those "jelly" Birkin-type bags five or so years ago (my sister brought it back from Italy a few months before they were suddenly everywhere in the U.S.) and I used it for a while that spring. I couldn't stand having to get the front straps fastened every time I used the bag, and eventually I just left the straps undone most of the time, which looked awful.

    My gut feeling right now is I'll be sending the Mabel back to Mulberry. I'm so disappointed! I thought I'd found the perfect red bag, at last! :sad::sad::sad:
  2. Keep it a couple of days and see how you feel but if a detail like the buckle is going to bug you then I agree - send it back! It's a lot of money to lay down on a bag that isn't 'right' for you.
  3. I agree with Jo - play around and stroll about and see how you feel.

    I admit to not liking Jody much at first sight, but after I got home and played around, I fell in love. The most comfortable bag I have ever owned.

    Good luck to you!!
  4. I have the red Mabel , but mine fastening is magnetic?? It is a swooshy kind of bag , try putting your stuff in it , it keeps it shape better. I am a more classic bag girl but I do love my Mabel it's fun!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sorry that you're not bowled over by your new bag but perhaps give it a few days. Sometimes your first reaction is the right one. But sometimes you just need to get over the inital shock of having the item in your possession, iyswim.

    When I got my Stam, I really wasn't sure at first - it was so expensive, I didn't know if I loved it. It took me a week but by then all my doubts had gone and I was in love with it (and still am).

    Some bags are immediate, but I find that's only when you haven't got very high expectations. eg when I got my Poppy it was love at first sight - but I hadn't been coveting it for months beforehand.

    I'm assuming it's the large Mabel you've got as that doesn't have a magnetic closure. My friend at work has the large black and it hasn't gone all floppy at all. When the side flaps move about, you see the beautiful suede underneath so I think of it as a feature. She doesn't do the whole buckle up when she closes it - just feeds the strap through and puts the bar through the hole but doesn't bother feeding the strap through the bottom loop (if that makes sense) so it just takes half as long. I don't always find the magnetic closure that easy - I've lost count of the amount of times I've tried to fasten the magnet of my Joni onto a rivet :shame:

    Give it a few days and see how you feel.

    Just out of curiosity - and not that I can even *dream* about buying another bag now but the large red Mabel has been on my list for a while - how much was it??
  6. Flossie, do you have the medium or large Mabel? This one is the large - maybe that's why the fastening is different. If it was magnetic, I'd be less lazy about it. But as it is, I'd have to zip it, then buckle it (like a belt buckle) ... and I know myself, I'd be lazy and not do it.

    Jo & kroquet - Thanks for your input. I've put my stuff in it, and it's great except for the buckle detail, really. It is pretty big but not overwhelmingly so (though if I do keep it, I know my kids will tease me about trying to pass off a piece of luggage as a handbag!)

    I'm still undecided but am feeling more and more like it's going back. I'm so sad. :sad:
  7. Thanks so much for all your input. I see what you mean about the side flaps and the suede lining is quite pretty. It definitely held its shape better when I put my stuff inside it, to try it out. I probably sound like a big crybaby (not to mention incredibly lazy, lol) about the buckle detail - it's just that I know over time it will irritate me . Maybe I should have gone for the medium size, though my Roxy is a bit on the small side for me, actually, and someone said the medium Mabel is about that size. I admit too that even the magnetic strap on the Roxy (well, three of them, actually) bugged me when I was using it.

    The large Mabel was $1395 (plus $20 shipping). It's expensive but I wouldn't mind that if I were totally crazy about the bag. But I won't rush out to FedEx quite yet to send it back ... I'll check it out a few more times and see if I feel any different.

  8. It's a medium Mabel. Maybe it would suit you better? the large are huge so I know what you mean .
  9. I thought it might be the medium. When I checked the measurements of the medium, it didn't seem big enough to me. Someone (maybe it was you?) said the medium Mabel is about the size of the Roxanne, which I have. I used the Roxy off and on for a while but found it wasn't quite big enough for me - so that's why I wanted the large Mabel. I know from my experience with Roxy's magnetic straps that those "bug" me too (and they're hard to get in the right place, so I usually left them flipped over the bag but unfastened) but a magnetized strap is still a little less hassle than a belt buckle strap.

    I am going to play around with it and see what I think. I think I had my hopes up so high, I was just surprised not to immediately fall in love with it!
  10. If the strap bugs you, send it back, because it'll always bug you. I tried the large Mabel & it was ginormous, like a weekend bag. I'm a big bag girl & I found the medium just the right size when I tried it - perhaps it would be worth you trying it???
  11. SJ is right if the strap is a problem now it will always be . It's a lot of money to spend on something that will sit in a dustbag . I used to make purchases and keep them even if I wasn't 100% sure , then later on regretted it.I don't anymore . Send it back and forget it!
  12. Awww hun I'm sorry Mabel isn't what you expected it to be.
  13. oh goldenflower, I am sorry to read that you are not thrilled with your new bag. I think, for what it is worth, that if you have that doubt (mine is always a naggy type feeling in my stomach) then you should send it back pronto!!! I know I have got it right when I just can't wait to take it out of the house.
    I recently got a Tod's. I bought it whilst out shopping with a friend but could only justify it if I suggested it was a birthday pressie so had to wait 6 weeks to get my grubby mitts on it. This gave me lots of time to think about whether I had made a mistake but I have been using for about a month now every day and I lurve it.

    By the way, I am referring to clooney but he is def mine - he told me so!! I can see it's going to get dirty - handbags at dawn?!!!:boxing::boxing::boxing: oh and yes, he looks super yummy in the posters that I have seen recently.
  14. You're so right and I know from experience that if something bothers me initially, I usually don't get over it. Since you've seen the medium, do you think it's about the same size as a Roxy? The dimensions given to me by the SA at Mulberry for the medium Mabel are: 9"H, 11.6"W, 4.5"D. Bags can be weird though - two of the same outside dimensions can hold different amounts, I've found. Anyway, if you have any input on the med. Mabel's size compared to the Roxanne, I'd really appreciate it - especially since I have a Roxy and it's really just a bit on the small side for me (She Who Hauls TOO Much Stuff!) And ... did you locate a medium red Mabel for you? Hope so! :yes:

    My gut told me that right from the beginning and that's what I'm going to do. I wish I could get the medium here to compare but not sure if it's worth another $20 in FedEx shipping, (plus another $12 - 15 to return a second bag). If I ended up returning the medium too, I'd have spent $70 or so just in shipping costs!

    ROFLMAO! I can just see us, wielding our Mulberrys (heaviest in my collection!) at each other to see who "gets" Georgie. Mine are BIG bags - be forewarned! :roflmfao:

    I have become so much better at returning stuff (clothing, shoes, bags) that give me that naggy-type feeling that you also get. Congrats on your new Tod's bag - I'm so glad it worked out right for you!

    Thanks, riffraff! Me, too. *sniff, sniff*
  15. We "feel" your disappointment.....and your gut reaction is usually your best indicator on how you'll feel about the bag in the future (at least it does for me!). I know exactly what you mean about "the fuss" - getting access into your bag. That is a big turn off for me as well and when you are spending this amount of money on a great bag - it should be great in every way!

    I'm wondering if anyone can show a photo of a Roxy and a medium Mabel side by side along with showing what can be put into each bag? Overall dimension is a good guide, but - it may not show the true picture of what can be held inside the bag. I have a couple of bags that are a bit stiffer that do not hold as much as other similar sized bags that are softer - go figure!!

    Good luck - your perfect red bag is out there for you!!!!!