Mabel Hobo & Leather nourisher

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  1. :smile:Hello Mulberry ladies. I'm usually over in the Chloe forum but am the proud owner of an Oak Roxy and Tangerine Joni and have had owned a few other Mulberry beauties in the past who have since been re-homed, so I feel it's ok to pop over into the Mulberry forum sometimes :tup:!

    I'm posting today for a couple of reasons. Firstly to thank the Mulberry TPF'er who gave us the tip off about the Jules B sale :smooch:. I had been admiring the Black Mabel Hobo for the longest time, but after an 'accidental' and astronomical splurge on a Purple Chloe Paraty, I was really supposed to be firmly on the sofa . However when I saw the brilliant sale price for this little stunner in the sale, it would have been madness not to snap her up :graucho:. When I went back on the site a few hours later, the price had for some reason shot back up to the original £595 price :amazed:, so I guess I was just in the right place and right time for once (I never usually manage to bag any good bargains in the sales) :yahoo:.

    I've been using the Mabel Hobo almost non-stop since the day it arrived. I find it very user-friendly and easily able to contain all the junk I carry around with me on a daily basis without getting too heavy. I love everything about this style - definitely a classic in my book :love:.

    My second reason for posting today is to ask advice about leather nourisher. I bought a Mulberry biker jacket from the Bond Street store a couple of years ago and at this point the leather is getting very dry and I'm afraid it might start to crack :Push:. I rang Mulberry CS to ask their advice about this but as I've found in the past, they weren't very helpful. Does anyone out there have any thoughts on this ? If so, I'd be very grateful. TIA !

    In the meantime, here are a couple of pics of my beloved newbie:

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  2. Firstly, congrats on your gorgeous Mabel, she is lovely, isn't she? I have different leather gear which I treat with Harley Davidsons leather care, it is not expensive - and really softens up the leather. Leather has to be fairly clean and dry, use a sponge when applying - leaves the leather smooth, soft and water-repelling! I enclose a pic of the bottle for you. Available through Harley Davidson dealerships, or you can do a search on ebay using "St.Paul Harley Davidson" - they ship internationally. Good luck!

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  3. Tag don't know about the nourisher but the Mabel hobo looks great on you great choice

    Your Purple Paraty is amazing I am on the look out for one in the large size if you see one could you let me know I have it in black and its the perfect size for me

    Congrats on your lovely bags :biggrin:
  4. WOW what an amazing bargain on the black mabel hobo :yahoo: congrats!

    I'm not sure about the leather norisher, but I'd say its worth a go if you think the jacket needs something! Maybe just try a tiny dab somewhere inconspicious and see what it looks like dried in? I take it the jacket didn't come with a carecard :nuts:
  5. Yay I remember that JuleB's bargain price, it WAS really tiny window of opportunity - so glad tPFer got it!!

    Kris (being real Biker lady) gave you perfect advice so I leave you to it, just wanted to congratulate your Mabel Hobo! Do pop in to our mad house anytime!! :lol:
  6. :ty: for your very kind comments ladies....

    Kris - I'm going to hunt down a bottle of the Harley stuff asap - great tip - thanks :tup:!

    Jackie - Nice to see you over here - didn't know you also had the glad eye for Mulberry too ;) . Haven't seen the large Paraty in Dark Purple IRL ( sorry Mulberry ladies going slightly off topic here). Sacoche did have the version with the front pocket in their recent sale but looking at MD's pics, the shade of purple looks a bit different to mine.


    OrkneyD - :nogood: I don't recall there being a care card when I bought the jacket but you know what ? It would have been very useful to have had one ! I'd be mortified if I ended up with an accidentally crackled leather jacket :faint:- especially as it cost a small fortune :Push:

    RatRat - Thanks for being so welcoming ! I admit I do lurk around the Mulberry forum sometimes ( that's how I picked up the Jules B sale tip) and it does seem like there's a really lovely bunch of people in this corner of TPF :P
  7. That mabel hobo looks stunning!
  8. lovely mable hobo congrats
  9. :flowers: Thanks H & S ! Just sent off for my Harley Davidson leather care kit for the Mulberry jacket, so I'm all sorted on the Mulberrry front for now least unless the Mabel Hobo comes out in Rouge Noir that is :graucho: !