Mabel getting on my nerves!!!!

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  1. Finally went back to work last Wednesday so had my Mabel all ready ...... d*mn straps wouldnt stay on my shoulder .... ARGH!!!!!! Fine when I just wear my jacket but I had a thick winter coat on which was no use ..... sooo that night I had to transfer all my stuff to another bag which has longer straps and they sit on my shoulder no problem.

    Mabel has now gone back in the wardrobe to sleep in her dust bag and will be a "spring and sumemr" bag but not a winter coat.

    Oh well ..... grumble grumble!!
  2. Do you know, I think this is the same with most of the mulberry bags. I am 5'7 and a size 10/12 (so not exactly huge) but most of my bags are not comfortable on my shoulder with a coat or a jacket (such as a north face) but perfectly fine with a lighter jacket.
    I wish, wish, wish Mulberry bags had ever just so teensy weensy longer shoulder straps....
  3. Can you carry it in the crook of your arm? It's lightweight so shouldn't be too uncomfortable - once you get used to carrying it that way.

    I noticed that the Jenah tote has adjustable shoulder straps, so Mulberry are listening to us. And the fact that there are a few hobos in the new collection as well - they're much more comfortable on the shoulder.

    Although that's not much help to you with your Mabel, jovi. Hope you can work out a solution.
  4. I can carry it that way but my arm gets sore!! (probably put way too much cr*p in my bag and it gets heavy!!!). Will just keep it as a spring/summer bag - but Mulberry please listen - LONGER STRAPS PLEASE!!
  5. Absolutely- longer straps and more internal organisation such as a pocket for phones/ ipod would be much appreciated Mulberry!!!!
  6. ^^I say ditto to that!

    Joviscot, sorry your Mabel isn't cooperating with your winter coat. Mine sits on my shoulder just fine when I've got a thick coat on but I quite like carrying this particular bag on the crook of my arm. It's so lightweight, even full of all my stuff, that my arm doesn't get sore. You must really put a lot of stuff in your bag if your arm gets sore!
  7. I honestly dont know how the WAGS manage it!!! Ha!! I bought this bag so it could sit on my shoulder - I just feel safer that way!!
  8. I think I would have the same problem with a Mabel. I can't get my Bays or Roxy on my shoulder with a winter coat on.
  9. I sling my mabels on my shoulder when I'm wearing a jumper but always carry it on my arm on hand held when I've got a coat on.
  10. I agree, they are fine when you wear a sweater, but if you wear a good winter coat or a tailored jacket you end up looking like a cadbury's mis shape!! Longer straps please Mulberry!!
  11. Agree. Agree. Longer straps and better insides. As a matter of fact, I don't think the insides of the bags come up to the outside of the bag. My new snakeskin mabel doesn't look that great on the inside. It was a little disappointing. It's a chocolate brown suede like and it's kind of rough looking. I almost wondered if it had been returned.
  12. Totally agree, absolutely more inside pockets!! My bags are always a (clean) mess inside!
  13. Sorry joviscot that your mabel is not playing ball.

    my mabel is relegated to a summer bag as it is the aqua. but if i remember rightly sits on the shoulder ok with a non-bulky jacket. Do not think i have tried it on with a bulky coat!
  14. I couldn't agree more ! But that is why I love the Mabel ! I haven't bought a Mulberry since the Phoebe came out for that very reason !
  15. Its kind of put me off buying anymore handbags online - want to test them in the stores first and its has also put me off buying anymore Mulberry until they lengthen the straps .....