Mabel getting a little sister tomorrow :) +some Mulberry reductions - Jules B website

  1. A Mabel purse that is - also in metallic black so will match her big sis :smile: Only had 20% off so £156 down from £199. But am very pleased.

    Now I have to forget about it though so I can act all surprised when I open my birthday pressies in the morning :smile:

    P.S. Got it from Jules B in Jesmond they had 20% off the medium and small sized Mabels and they also had some new season Bayswaters at full price in a really nice purple colour - looked like glove leather with shiny gold hardware and all sizes of the Agyness.

    Oooo ahve just googled them and they have a website... if the errr.... leopard print bayswater floats anyone's boat... it has quite a good reduction.. and the purple patent one is in the sale but only £60 off...
  2. Wow Griddle you don't need us as enabler's you do just fine on your own. :roflmfao:

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow -

    p.s Don't forget to post pics.
  3. I'm seeing Bet Lynch later so I'll be sure to pass that on!! lol!!!!!!!

    But congrats on the new purse!!! It will feel so great when you buy something and get out a great purse,even getting something as mundane as buying a pint of milk!!!
  4. [​IMG]

    Is it this one??Its lovely!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Haha... she'd better be quick in case it sells out :p

    yea that's the one, it doesn't look quite as big IRL as mine is the medium Mabel..:girlsigh:
  6. Lovely :heart: Congrats and Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

  7. :smile: I had actually taken the day off to go for a nice pub lunch, take the dogs to the beach and generally potter around, then found out today I have a job interview at 4pm :wtf: I'm in a big dilemma, cos it's a career-change type of situation, much less money and less Mulberry purchases... but what I have been working for for about 3 years... sorry totally O/T!!!:nuts:
  8. Oooo fabulous Griddle - Good Luck - regarding mulberries v salary with what you've purchased lately it should last you until your salary catches up again. :roflmfao:
  9. Eeek, that sounds serious. I'm guessing you'd like the job though, or are you still at the pondering stage? Wishing you lots of luck anyway. I'm sure you'll make the best decision in the end :tup:

    Edit to say - good point riffraff!
  10. Haha very true :smile:

    Yeah really hope I get it, it's just so scary that's all. I know that if i don't get the job I'll be really upset but if I do it will be very scary:s I'm just repeating myself now... o god!!! And in exactly 2 minutes I'll be 27... RIP 26 :crybaby:

    Now which one is my lucky Mulberry...:confused1:
  11. Happy birthday and best of luck with your job! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope for the best.

    Your Mabel and her little purse-sibling are beautiful, love the subtle sheen on the metallic black!
  12. Hahaha!! Damn your still in your twenties!!! Put that hankie away right now!!! (makes me feel old!!,well not in my head anyways!!lol!!!!)

    Wishing you all the luck I can with the new job,and deciding,interveiws etc,I know it can get soooo stressful,so I'm sending you as many calming vibes and thoughts as I can!!

    Take your new babies with you and knock 'em dead!!!:tup::heart:
  13. Good luck Griddle - you will make the right decision to do what makes you happy!!! Let us know!
  14. Happy birthday, Griddle :party: and good luck with the interview!
  15. happy birthday to u, happy birthday to u, happy birthday to Griddle, happy birthday to u!!!
    congrats!!! i love mable too!!!