Mabel dilemma!

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  1. Please help with my Mabel dilemma!

    I have bought from Cheshire Oaks (mail order) a black soft spongy regular Mabel. I love the style and colour (perfect for work), but am not sure about the leather. It seems a bit stiff, and almost cheap looking to me. I have the opportunity to return it, and to buy a black goatskin Mabel from eBay (slightly more expensive) instead. I have read on the forum that a lot of people seem to prefer goatskin to spongy leather. Is there anyone who has Mabels in both leather who could say how the two leathers differ, and which they prefer, and why?

    Thanks so much!
  2. Congrats on getting your Mabel kitbel!!

    I'm sorry I can't answer your question about the two leathers as I have soft spongy and antiqued leather BUT my ss isn't at stiff - in fact it's very slouchy so I'm very surprised that you find it stiff... I wonder if, with use, it would soften up? But if you think the leather looks cheap then maybe that's not the right leather anyway?

    About as much use as a chocolate fireguard this post, but just wanted to say 'Congrats!'.
  3. Oh and just to add, numnut on this thread just got a black soft spongy mabel from Bicester and describes it as soft and slouchy too. I wonder if you could ask CO for an exchange?
  4. Thanks Tweetinat! I'm just so indecisive. The other thing weighing on my mind is that the spongy Mabel has a buckle closure, rather than a snap, and I wondering whether that will be difficult to use ....
  5. I know exactly what you mean about being indecisive. In fact I think my first threads have about helping me make the right decision!!

    I must say thats unusual for a regular mabel to have a buckle... I thought it was only the large and maxi Mabel (and some of the very first releases) that had a buckle closure and not the magnetic snap. Is it a regular size?

    I have to say (and I don't want to put you off!) that as much as I love this style I couldn't get on with it if it had a buckle closure. But then I invariably am holding a baby in my other arm and just don't have two hands free. If you're at work it may not be so much of a problem!!

    She is a gorgeous bag though!
  6. It is the regular size, so I was surprised about the snap closure. I have 7 days to return it to Cheshire Oaks if I want to, so I think I'll ponder it over the weekend! What kind of leather is your lovely emerald mabel?
  7. Hey Kitbel. My mabel's saddle leather so I'm not much help either as far as the leather's go. The mabel is such a great style that you really need one that you know you'll use. Have to say that the buckle/snap thing would bother me though.
    Some pics?
  8. She's soft spongy - and very soft and smoochy so surprised to hear yours is all stiff. I was on the phone to York earlier this week and they had some black Mabels in stock - maybe they'll do a straight swap?
  9. Hi Brookles, I'm away for the weekend so will post some pics on Monday! I think I'll use her lots either way - i just want to work out which will be the nicer leather, and which will age best.
  10. I have just brought a sponge leather mabel in black and the leather is slouchy, shiney and a bit grainey. I love it though I appreciate the leather is not like Darwin - stiff and thick. I still think it looks quality.

    Here's mine for a comparison with yours. Incidentially, I have 2 one with a magnetic clasp and this one with a buckle. Don't mind either

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  11. Thanks Numnut, it really helps to see the pic of your Mabel, it looks gorgeous. And it's good to hear that the buckle doesn't bother you. I do love my Mabel, I just would love to know the differences between spongy and goat, so I could work out which I would prefer!
  12. what are the different sizes in mabel ...sorry to invade the thread.
  13. AFAIK, they come in four sizes:

    • Mini/Small
    • Regular
    • Large
    • Maxi

    HTH, Nat :biggrin: