Mabel Choc Saddle is here!!

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  1. Arrived this afternoon and is gorgeous - smells amazing!!!!! So pleased! She is quite stiff but I'm sure she will soften - anyone had anything in the saddle leather? Taken me an age to get pics up - hopefully they will work! Made me realise i need a haircut!!


    i have a lovely one of the red interior and a close up but i cant get them to load on.......
    Has anyone used a different waterstop spray to the recommended one and had good results??
  2. Oh it's really nice. The stiffer leather really helps the shape!
    Is it very heavy?

    PS you look fab!
  3. Brilliant pics - that bag is way too beautiful for words!
  4. Gorgeous bag!
  5. Wow, great bag!
    I think you're the first one here having, or at least posting about having, a Mable in saddle leather.
    Please report back at some point how it ages, if it gets much softer etc.
    I'm still drooling over and lusting after the cognac one, although after seeing your pics I could also be tempted by the choc one...

    BTW, where did you get her from?
  6. Oh my, etalb, that bag is absolutely gorgeous! And so are you!
  7. thanks all! Well i wondered if it would be heavy but feels about the same as my refined grain orange mabel - maybe a tad lighter.

    i got her from Boros in Sutton over the phone - they also had the cognac which i was tempted with but i think I'm more of a dark brown person - I'm a bit scared of scratching her but apparently if you do scratch they fade and add to the character of the bag - lets hope so as i'm bound to do it!
  8. HURRAH!! It's beautiful ETALB and you look stunning too! Congratulations, gorgeous bag, so pleased you got it on sale too, yay - you did really well hon, staple colours are hard to source at a good price!

    Kat, I have mulberry spotted the cognac on someone and it is TDF!

    p.s Etalb, think the chocolate looks marvellous on you! And Mulberry's descriptions on their leathers are accurate - i.e. pebble mabel prone to scratching then blends in, and so it does!
  9. I love love love this bag! Is it silver coloured hardware?! I saw one in London at the weekend but was a bit befuddled at the time by Mulberry mothership mania.

    You look tres chic, no haircut needed!
  10. You look great, and the mabel is just fab!!
  11. PERFECT!! I love the silver hardware. I have a mabel in antique chocolate, now lusting after the cognac. Looks really super on you. Enjoy.
  12. Gorgeous!!!!!! congratulations!
  13. You and Mabel look absolutely gorgeous!
  14. Love it!!! Wish they would make one in a cognac color!
    Looks gorgeous on you, congrats!
  15. God I want a Mabel now :sad: