Mabel aside, what do we think of the A/W 07 collection currently online?

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  1. I am thinking Oxford, Fleet, Rachel (a tan one is on its way to me now), Carnaby etc. etc. Some nice bags, no? And I do think Mabel is just georgeous, but I will wait for an opportunity to buy cheaper.
  2. I have bought a lot of mulberry over the last 3 years and personally I think this years collection is on of the weakest imo
    I do like the Mabel but I think it is overpriced I would only buy it on sale or from an outlet
    Much of the collection are old styles in new leathers or colours
    I don't like patent but I guess a lot of people do so that is a direction it is sensible to go in
    Mulberry still seems very popular though so maybe I am in the minority
  3. Hmm, I love the somerset collection - very mulberry-ish, imo. I think the east-west bayswater is very stylish, and I like the Kensington/Brompton style with the 3 postman locks. Not personally a fan of the washed nappa, probably because I don't really think it fits the mulberry style - but that's just my opinion. I like the mabel, but also find it way overpriced - I would not buy it at original retail.
  4. I pretty much love most of it. I think its one of the best collections in a while :tup:
  5. I like the Somerset satchel very much. I guess I like the iconic styles the best... So, I'm a fuddy duddy...
  6. I am not as taken with the latest collection. I hope they always sell the classics, the Bayswater and the Roxanne, since that is what I think of when I think of Mulberry.
  7. I like the somerset collection but not so keen on the nappa leather bags. I love the iconic styles in the darwin leather(or natural leather as it's now apparently called!) as that's what drew me to Mulberry in the first place.
  8. I love the Mabel, but I agree it's overpriced. I will wait until it's on sale or in the outlets. I don't like what they have done with the classic styles - e.g. the Bayswater in animal prints. Yuk. I like Mulberry for the 'iconic' designs.
  9. I like the Mabel but wonder how it would look when it is not stuffed, I don't carry that much stuff and think it may just sag with only a purse, mobile and keys in it. Occasions when I do carry lots of things I need a bigger bag.

    I like the Hanover in the oak colour but not sure of it's open style at the top.

    Some of the little bags are cute.

    Mostly I like the iconic stuff and if I had unlimited resources would be very tempted to splurge on a bayswater, east-west bayswater, ledbury and roxanne. :lol: