Mab Mini

  1. I received my Rebecca Minkoff, MAB mini, black and blue stamp today from the sample sale. Anybody have problems with tarnish hardware? The bag is lovely but the gold hardware is tarnished any suggestions on what to do? Does brasso work on brase plate?
  2. I took a little toothpaste and a soft cloth and polished all the tarnish off the brass, it worked well. Bag looks great. Smells a little like Crest but I can live with it.:nuts:
  3. Congrats!! Don't forget to post pics lol. I love seeing everyone's RM bags : )
  4. Please post pics. I was torn between this bag and the blue, so I would love to see this bag irl. Do you like it?
  5. I will post pics as soon as I get a working dig camara! Right now all I can do is describe this bag as understated but elegant. The blue stamp is a grey blue and the black is a matt black. This bag is easy to dress up or down, which is what I was looking for. I do love it, and with the brass polished I really love it. It always takes awhile for me to get into a bag but I am glad I bought this bag. The leather is soft, smells great minus the Crest:p. I did receive a quick reply from RM website, they said to use silver polish to take the tarnash off, but I used the toothpaste, didn't have the silver polish on hand. The tarnash was horrendous, but this was easily taken care of.
  6. I received the same bag through the sample sale. and my brass is a little tarnished too. I'm kind of upset about it. but the bag itself is gorgeous. I'm really glad you like yours! if you figure out a way to fix that let me know ill keep checking back on the thread
  7. These bags had to be kept in storage for awhile. But even gold tarnishes! I sent you a pvt msg. Good luck.
  8. I just received another message from the RM website, they are now saying don't use any chemicals on the brass, they say that it may stain the leather. So I guess that it is good that I used the toothpaste. They are saying to use a polishing cloth. My leather looks great now that the tarnish is gone.