MAB Luxe or Nikki?


Sep 1, 2006
Hi ladies,
I have sitting in my dining room - my Navy Luxe Nikki still in the box.
I also have a MAB Luxe in Navy Luxe on pre-order from LB.

I wasn't planning on keeping both bags. Problem is, my 14 return policy will be up at LB so by the time the MAB Luxe comes, I will be outside the window of return for the Nikki.

I dont want to return the Nikki yet because I can't fall in love with the MAB Luxe until I see it in person.

I have 6 Nikkis already. It is by far my favorite RM. I've had an MAM and an MAB before and sold both because they just weren't for me.

I think I am really looking for some harsh critique on the MAB Luxe or some major praise. Are you loving it? Are you going to order one?

I'm stuck in a Nikki rut (not that its a bad thing) and I'm afraid of trying anything new.

It seems so silly but I am really stressing about this. Please help!


patiently waiting
Mar 15, 2008
Nashville, TN
^Jocey is there a store in your neck of the woods that sells RM and has the MAB Luxe in stock that you can try on? I'm thinking that might be stretching it because the MAB Luxe is part of RM's fall collection that has yet to be revealed. Is there a way you can contact LB and tell them your dilemma? Maybe they can hold the bag for you after you return it just in case you would like to buy it back or something? Specify that the hold won't be for more than 4-7 days. Ack, I know I'm probably no help.

I know Lo gave the MAB Luxe a stellar review. I'll try to find the thread for you.


May 16, 2008
Hi! I think that dee's advice is great...and I just bumped my thread with the MAB Luxe review and pics for you. If you are a Nikki person, IMO it's the best "satchel-ish" option for you -- because you get the shoulder handle comfort, with the cool look of the MAM/MAB. HTH!


May 16, 2008
PS: The pics at beginning of the thread have been moved, so I reposted them at the end of it for you.

Can someone please explain to me how to cut and paste old threads into newer ones? Help!