MAB in Night - what's the leather like?

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  1. I preordered this bag from LB. I was just checking out other RM bags and you can see "touch it, see it" option but for MAB in NIght - it doesn't have it.
    I would like to know how it feels...does anyone have this bag and knows how it feels?? Is it buttery? pebbled? etc?

  2. I have a night Matinee and the leather is so yummy. Very smooth, soft and rich.
  3. oooh...nice!
    I hope the Morning after Bag in Night has the same leather like your Matinee.
  4. I have the night/gold crackle MA and the leather is extremely soft. It looks a bit worn and has some wrinkles/creasing. Some parts of the bag more than others. It gives it character. I like that it's the kind of leather you could bend a lot and not have to worry about getting a crease or two, because that seems to just be the way the leather is intended. I am not sure that other people's bags are the same way... seems like some may have more wrinkling/tiny creasing than others.
  5. i think the night leather has considerable variation from bag to bag now. The night with gold crackle bottom that I got is not smooshy, it is smooth and has a slight sheen to it and only collapses a little without the stuffing. Not at all like my night blue MAM which is slightly textured and soooo smooshy it just collapses into a puddle without stuffing. If you like you can see pics in the thread I posted titled Help MAM with gold crackle bottom is here.
  6. i love the night leather. I have the gold crackle, and it is very soft and smooth. I have a black matinee too and the leather is TDF on it as well. Both of the leathers are not that heavy. My tangerine MAB is a lot heaver than my Night MAB but i still love both!

    Just like perfectshoe said- it doesn't collapse. Its not the same leather like the night blue or dusty. It is smooth with a slight sheen to it. IMO its perfect!
  7. Mine on the Night/Gold Crackle collapses a lot more than it did when I first got it. I think it does this when it gets more broken in. Very soft and smooshy!
  8. My first MAM is the night/ gold crackle. It's so soft and smoothy. I just can't stop touching it.
  9. I wonder if my Night/Gold crackle has different leather because it is not 'worn' as in scuffed but not flat either. There is a slight wrinkling in it. I looked at some photos people had taken.. and theirs looked like that too! I am confused maybe by what people call 'smooth'. It does feel soft to the texture, but it is in no way smooth the way patent leather would be... ie completely flat.

    Also, when my MAB has nothing in it... it's a huge pile of leather. It literally collapses ENTIRELY. It's so strange that all of yours stand on their own with no contents. Do you think this is all bad?