MAB for a Laptop Bag?

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  1. I need to do some traveling for work next month to California, which means taking my laptop along for the ride as well. I've been on the hunt for a great laptop bag, but as you ladies know, laptop bags are UGLY!

    I love my MAM so much that I thought a MAB would be the right size for my laptop (13 inch) and wallet, phone, makeup bag, etc. I figured I could look good and carry what I need. ;) Also, this is a great excuse just to buy another RM.

    My concern is how well will a MAB hold up to abuse. My laptop isn't the lightest thing out there. I am having problems with the handles on my MAM, so I was doubtful whether the MAB would hold up to the weight. I think it's important to mention that my MAM is an older version (Royal Brown BW), so I was hoping a newer MAB would have some of those handle problems addressed.

  2. I agree. I think you'd be asking for trouble. Unless your laptop is teeny - I think the bag would get mis-shapen.

    The handles on the new bags are improved from the old but I still think they would stretch with several lbs of computer equipment in there.

    The French Tote, Cheri or maybe the Duo would be your best bet.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I could see how the MAB could get misshapen and look horrible with my laptop in it.

    However, the Cheri Satchel is quite nice! :graucho:
  4. The DUO could fit a laptop upto 14". I think mrsshoegal tried to put her 15" laptop in there and it didn't completely fit. I think for a 13" laptop, the cheri, or maybe even a nikki would suffice :yes:
  5. I think if you put a laptop into a MAB it'd get so heavy. Not only your poor bag, but poor you if your travelling and carrying around all this extra weight. I think Cheri or French tote look like a more practical option to accomodate a laptop well, and they look so cute for the coming season!
  6. I agree with the others . . . I don't think the MAM would be your best choice . . . but some of the others mentioned would be good :smile:
  7. ITA - the Cheri and Duo would be great for a 13" laptop as they have the shoulder straps and the French Tote would be fab as well - it is much larger so will hold an even larger laptop easily.
  8. All my MA are the full size bag, and are pretty heavy with just the regular things I load in them, i.e., clutch wallet, k&m bag, ipod, razr, keys, and small spiral notebook. My NB MAB handles are already getting wobbly after using for only a month. I think its just too heavy a bag without the added weight of a laptop. BTW, are you carrying the rest of your stuff in the bag as well? Our bags are much loved investments that I believe would be better off without laptops in them. JMHO.
  9. I would not do that to a MAB. have u heard of ACME, they do make some really cool laptop bag. they are more expensive to around upper 200 but I got lots of compliment wearing them. my shoulder thanks me too.
  10. Acme's stuff is very cute, ITA! Also, LeSportsac has come very cute options for Laptops and sleeves...I have one and really like it, it's so light and protects your laptop well. But if you wanna go luxe...then get a Cheri or a French Tote, they're so hawt! :drool:
  11. I have a 13 inch laptop (macbook) and it would not comfortably fit in my MABs. The measurements make it seem like maybe it could, but the bag is so square and the laptop so rectangular that it doesn't really work.

    Good thing RM is there with some other options :tup: