MAB confusion, desperately need help!

  1. The MAB mini I ordered from LA sample sale came in mail today. But I found the MAB mini I ordered is not that mini at all. I also found the label attached to the wrapping plastic bag stating a MAB. So I suspect they sent me the wrong bag.
    This is my first RM bag and I checked the measurement online. It's really confusing because it can be so different if you measure the bag in different ways. Anyway, before I go to demand for an exchange, I want to make sure I am right.
    I measured the bottom of the bag (the rectangular), it runs 13.75*8.5 inches. Can someone verify if that is a MAB or MAB mini?
    Thanks a million!
  2. From the RM website:

    MAB - 14 in x 6 in x 8 in
    MAM - 12.5 in x 6.5 in x 7 in

    Sounds like they did send you the MAB?
  3. Aww, thats too bad they made that mistake. I doubt they will have any minis left from the sample sale, so I doubt an exchange is a possibility, you will probably just be issued a refund.

    What color did you get and what do you think of it and the leather?
  4. I had the same problem during the earlier NYC sample sale. I ordered a mini and got a regular size. They were very nice and super quick about refunding me, but thanks to the massive quantity of orders during the sale, they didn't have the smaller size to exchange with. They offered me a pick of other bags, but I stupidly said no, only to later realize that I desperately want an Emerald MAM. Now they're all gone. Sigh!
  5. I ordered a mini black. The leather feels really good. I would have kept it if I'm not too short to carry a MAB. :sad:
    another question, I though the bag would come with a shoulder strap, but it didn't. One of reasons I like MAB mini is because it can be on both shoulders and wrists. Can I order the strap from
  6. Just wondering, how tall are you? I am fairly short myself and have the MAB. It is fairly large, but it doesn't feel overwhelming on me.
    That aside, hopefully you can exchange it. Yes, you can order straps from RM. Someone here will know the details on the lengths and prices available.
  7. Sorry color_wind, I can only imagine how disappointed you were to get something different than what you ordered! I'm sure the sample sale was a total madhouse (hence the mistake), but you should still get what you want and expected. Keep us posted.