MA in Grey (Light not Dark Grey) photos. Anyone have this bag?

  1. I have the dark grey MAB, which is beautiful. This isn't that same dark grey is it? I don't think it can be, as my dark grey bag has silver hardware and this has gold hardware. This appears to be a lighter grey, and I believe RM did a lighter grey leather. Does anyone have this bag? Very pretty. I adore grey handbags. Thank you.


  2. Hmmmmmmm.....difficult to tell, but it could be the Sage color.
  3. It looks like the same grey that's on the light grey matinee and charcoal basketweave MAM:

  4. Thank you. This shade of grey is very pretty. I'm toying with buying it from
  5. The Sage color is a light grey color. You might want to check it out. The leather I hear is very nice and soft.
  6. Looks like it says "grey"

    In any event, it looks slightly glossy and very smooth. My guess is it will be soft and smooshy too!
  7. I just got the Sage MAB from Bluefly and although I am toying with selling it the color does look alot like this one and very grey in most lights. You do see green when you look at in some lights though. Its a beautiful color.