MA Handles: Is there a way to stretch them out?

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  1. Minkettes,

    I love my MAMs and MABs but the handles don't fit comfortably over my shoulders with a thick winter coat on. I don't want to use an extra strap. I just placed some heavy items in my bag and hung my bag over a cushioned doorknob. I'm not sure if this will work...
    Aside from the natural stretching over time, have any of you tried stretching out your handles? Please share your techniques with me!
  2. :tumbleweed:
  3. i would think that the only way to do it is by placing the heavy stuff in it like you did!! mine stretched but over time. good luck!
  4. I suppose it would naturally stretch out a bit over time, but I'd be afraid of stretching them too much, too fast, if you know what I mean! I wonder if there is any way of sending your bag(s) in to RM for "custom" handles?
  5. I wish I knew....I dont like the mam b/c I cant get it to feel comfy on my shoulder
  6. I am curious about this too, C4H. Also, how long does it usually take when stretching naturally for the handles to fit comfortably? Am I going to have to wait years? :wtf:
  7. great question. i'd like to know, as well. do you girls also find that the newer styles to fit better on the shoulder? i have 2 MAMs with the older brass hardware, and they seem to fit more snugly than the newer style MAM/MAB.
  8. I hope your experiment works C4H! But, do you think by doing that it would make them "break" ? Like the old handles problem?
  9. Oh Gosh, I hope NOT! Tonight, I'm going to load it with my usual stuff and then hang.
  10. I just have one signature HW MAM to compare with the older MABs (with reinforced handles), but oddly the handles are the same drop on all three.
    My Mattie has the longest drop, but that is part of the design.
  11. I'd like to know too.
  12. ^The MAB handles do stretch with time...and so do the MAM handles. I noticed that my Charcoal BW handles started to stretch pretty quickly, after just a few much so that I sent the bag in to get reinforced, and now it's great.

    But I should add that I tend to carry a lot in my bags and walk around a lot (not a lot of car action for me), so this probably spend up the process. My MABs are great on my shoulder but the MAMs not so much...I only have one MAM now as a result, and I bought an Elisha strap for it, and almost always use it.
  13. Being the doofus than I am, I would've asked them to lengthen my Wine MAB handles while she was at RM for handles repair had I thought of it, while I am not sure they allow such a thing...
  14. I bet they wouldn't, because it would change the profile of the bag...or maybe just because then we would all want to do that! ;)

    (I know that I would, at least).
  15. C4H - Did your handles stretch out at all? My BBW MAB handles seemed to stretch out a lot after one summer of regular use.