M. Tagliaferri substitute?


Aug 31, 2010
the Dirty South
I think it is real. I didn't realize at first that it is made in China. I have nothing against China in general but have been trying not to buy Chinese goods when possible because it seems like all of our (american) money is going there. So maybe I will search around for a different substitute. Someone posted a thread yesterday (couldn't find it) about Muska of Milano and I saw that they have a version of the same birkin style tote. However, I couldn't figure out if they were actually "of Milano" because their website doesn't say where the goods are actually made. . . They look like fairly nice bags, too.
I'm thinking I should just bite the bullet and get the Tagliaferri already.


Sad and Angry
Dec 7, 2009
I would not let labeled China made products stop you from buying them. Alot of manufacturers hide that fact by doing the final finishing in another country so they can slap a, i.e. Made in Italy label on it when most of it was assembled in China.

What would concern me with thsi site is no US office to deal with payment or if you need customer service.