M&S model Noemie's cropped hair horror

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    . Gorgeous French model and actress Noemie Lenoir, the face of Marks and Spencer and Next, was spotted in New York - with a freshly shorn blonde crop.

    Noemie is barely recognisable without the signature golden brown pre-Raphaelite curls she normally sports in television and advertising campaigns for the companies she models for.
    was she thinking?: Model and actress Noemie Lenoir has cut her beautiful brown curls off for this severe blond crop
    With no clue as to why she's undergone such a severe transformation, one can only conclude that she's been cast a baddie in her latest film.
    She is currently filming the third instalment in the Rush Hour franchise with Chris Tucker.
    The mother of one, who is married to French international and Chelsea star, Claude Makelele, looked like she was getting into character, as she sat stern, and unsmiling while lunching with friends at popular celeb restaurant Cipriani.
    Let's hope this attack of the crops isn't catching.

    M&S)) Marks & Spencer Department stores in England )))

    I still think she looks stunning. Maybe she just wanted a change. What do you think ?
  2. GOR-GEOUS! I LOVE that haircut on her! It took her from wholesome to edgy in a very good way!
  3. I don't like it.
  4. She is so beautiful, but I don't like this cut on her, I loved her hair before. I still think she is gorgeous!
  5. She doesn't look bad, but I like her hair better long.
  6. she looks Goooooooorgeous
  7. I think she looks pretty :smile:
  8. I think she looks gorgeous either way. :yes:
  9. Some people can really pull off the short-short pixie look. She really can. Although she does resemble Alex Rodriguez in those photos.... :shame:
  10. I've always loved Noemie. I think her cut looks great and suits her well.
  11. I think she actually pulls it off, plus she looks more, well, unusual. She is pretty with this haircut too, definetily.
  12. I quite like her hairstyle, but TBH, I think, although very pretty, her face is a little long to suit such short hair.
  13. i never thought i'd say this because i like longer hair on women but she looks amazing! I'd even go as far to say that you actually notice how beautiful she is with this style as opposed to it being hidden by the mass of curls she had before.
  14. That woman's face is so perfect, she could sport devil horns and still be hot!
  15. It's . . . unique. She can pull it off, though.

    (Sidebar: I like Marks & Spencer's!)