M Missoni

  1. I love M Missoni Dresses lately do you know who carrys these cheap? like off fifth?? or anywhere. they are a cheaper brand of Missoni a bridge line basically. The dresses run aroun 400-600 dollars
  2. anyone?
  3. Loehmann's was carrying the M Missioni line for men a few weeks ago, so I would check there.
  4. I saw some regular missoni heavily discounted at a Nordstrom Rack in the suburbs here. I have seen some Missoni at Off 5th, too. Honestly, I think your best bet might be eBay. The stuff I have seen at stores was pretty spotty and hit or miss.
  5. I've seen them at off 5th and NM last call. You just have to be there at the right time. NM online also has stuff on sale now too. Saks online did too. You just have to check frequently.
  6. Be careful with what you buy. Its a lot less durable. I paid 300 bucks for a v-neck that after one wear/wash looks totally worn out.
  7. There is an outlet at Woodbury.
  8. I've had good luck a few times getting tops with Neiman Marcus online but it can be tricky to get the right size and often the items are not available.
  9. try adasa.

    they have good coupon codes too.

    i'm not sure if what they have is m missoni? they have SOMETHING missoni.
  10. try cking NM or Saks sales online. Nordstroms has them at 1/2 off at their sales.I've had luck finding them at off 5th & w/coupon I paid only $170 for one of them. I've also seen them at Nordstroms rack in locations where they have a lot of designer stuff. Good luck!