M Missoni Dress help


Aug 18, 2009
Northern VA
I just bought this Missoni dress yesterday for a STEAL...but since I have a really long torso, it's almost a cheek-baring dress.

Below: upclose of top layer material and attached flower silk layer that is underneath

(...excuse the disaster that is my room)!!!

How can I pull this dress off...should I take it to a tailor and get a little bit of length added to it (maybe 1.5")?

Should I wear super short & tight shorts underneath and just wing it?

Or would it look cute with leggings/pants?

Better yet...how would you guys put together a complete look with this dress?

I would love some input...

Jun 26, 2007
that would look fierce with tights! you could try gray tights since the print seems to have some gray in it!