M/L or Maxi?

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I am a bit of a Chanel newbie. My favorite Chanel bag of the moment is the maxi purchased in 2010. It is a single flap bag. My question is, is this size still available, is it the same as the M/L size? If so, does the double flap make it less roomy on the inside? I love how roomy mine is. I feel the jumbo is also a good size but worried that the double flap on the jumbo would make it barely good enough. My jumbo is also a single flap one.

    If anyone has any comparison shots of these bags with double and single flap, I'd love to see them. Thank you so much in advance!
  2. The maxi is still available in a double flap option. The size m/l is actually smaller then the jumbo, so m/l and maxi are not the same. Because of the double flap the new maxi will be more structured and a bit less roomy.

    You could always go to the boutique and try to put all of you stuff in the jumbo vs the maxi, that way you will find out what best fits your need :smile:
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  3. Thanks for your comment. I actually had no idea that m/l is different than maxi! I actually love than my old maxi is not too structured.The sides have somewhat collapsed inwards with use and I find that so beautiful. Will definitely have to try them at the boutique though and perhaps bring my own maxi along!
  4. Taking the bag you love now seems like a great idea. The double flaps won't become as slouchy as the single flaps.

    Have you considered the reissues? These are meant to have a more vintage/used look? Maybe ask for his option when your going to your boutique? The biggest size is a bit bigger then the jumbo in size.
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  5. That's a great idea! I never even gave reissues a second look but I do enjoy my bags to look vintage or used (& loved) hehe! Thank you so much :smile:
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