m/l name change?


Nerdy Fashionista
Oct 30, 2011
the SA said Large is a Large and a jumbo is a jumbo, maybe she just doesnt know her products.

I have asked my SA about this, and I understand the confusion. This plagued me initially as well.
The "large" is what we all call the M/L on TPF.
The next size up from that they call the Jumbo.
And the next size up from the Jumbo that you currently find at stores is the Maxi.

Think of it more like Starbucks calling the smallest drink the "Tall," the medium the "Grande," and the large the "Venti." It doesn't make a lot of sense to us but it is just their naming convention.

I just bought a "large" (aka M/L) and it is not terribly large to be honest. I'm 5'2" though, so it fits me well. But I believe the Jumbo is one of the most popular in terms of sizes that works well.