M/L classic flap chain is glued or sewn?

  1. You said it best. Just because it is sewn does not guarantee it will not come apart. If this is something they always did, maybe it is for the best. However, uneven gluing is still not excusable. It should at least LOOK well made, if not sewn.

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  2. So the occlusions I can draw thus far from everyones postings are:

    Glueing is the norm for all M/L classic bags except patent leather that is always stitched

    Jumbo classics leather regardless of type is always stitched.

    Chain size (not the length) but actual size, diameter, thickness of metal for chain, etc, is the same for SLG, mini's, WOC and M/L classic flap bags AND NOT AS BIG AS THE JUMBO AND MAXI CHAINS.

    Please add any conclusions drawn but that I have missed;)
  3. Not true. I have a jumbo with glued chain strap.
  4. Which year/season and is it caviar or lamb?
  5. Cruise 2009 caviar jumbo in red.
  6. All my ML and small are glued..
    All my jumbos are stitched.
    Perforated red E/W is stitched.
  7. Here's my jumbo from Cruise 09 with the glued strap
  8. Frankly, I prefer the stitched look as oppose to the glued straps. It has a more polished look to its finish. What I don't get is why the double standards for what's supposed to be Chanel's most iconic bag?? Where is the QC on this work of art?!!
  9. Even though the zip so random as well!!
  10. You guys are really beating this issue (sewn vs. glued) to death. Chanel has always used glue on their straps....plain and simple. Rather one likes it or not, it is what it is.
  11. Do you guys think repaired leather strap will lose more value if I decide to sell it later? I bought my first Chanel jumbo and found out it has been repaired? The leather is too short and doesn't cover 2 of the links. So bummed out... :sad:

  12. That is how all jumbo straps are. Doesn't mean it's repaired. No worries.
  13. Oh really?? I posted it in the authentication forum and I was told it was either repaired or the leather was too short??? I'm so confused now...
  14. yours definitely looks shorter than my jumbo.
  15. Actually glue might not be a bad idea for beige bags..When I got my beige flap, all I thought was colour transfer, which I figured could be easily dealt with by sending the bag to a professional cleaner.

    Then the lady at the bag spa told me the stitches on the beige bags; those are much much more difficult to clean, and she has had some bags where they can never get them perfectly clean.

    I suppose using glue, means less chance of those stitches getting discoloured and makes the bag easier to clean.