M/L Beige Lambskin Gold HW at OLD OLD price!

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  1. My super nice SA was going through his stock and just found this bag and for some reason it is ringing at a very old price. This style is now selling for $28xx + tax but it is showing at $2495 + tax. Even 2 days ago, this style was selling for $2695 + tax!

    Someone GRAB it now before it's too late!

    Call Hector at 1.818.884.7900 ext 1390

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  2. This price seems like such a deal now! :s
  3. what a beauty! And what a steal... almost:graucho: Hopefully someone grabs this before it is too late. Thanks for sharing
  4. wait... but lamb m/l @ old price should be 2695 :confused1:
  5. Pretty bag:biggrin:but high price:cry:
  6. Oh man, I almost picked up my phone... refrain, refrain :Push:
  7. Oh, I wish I had seen this in time to call! Or is it on the west coast?
  8. So this bag is even lower than retail price or I am missing something?:confused1:
  9. Lower than the current retail price, yes!
  10. You can still call. Hector will probably be there till 9 PST as he usually does late shift.
    Good luck!
  11. gorgeous! hope someone scores it! :biggrin:
  12. toooooooo bad..... the price is adjusted today, it's $28xx

    I should see this post yesterday............
  13. why oh why didn't I seee this the other day!!:shucks: