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  1. Just wondering what happen to noriko?? I havent seen her post in a while
  2. Miss her too.

    the thing under her name says banned though? Anyone know if she is coming back?
  3. Probably still banned. Perhaps a mod or admin can enlighten you. I recall a thread being there to explain but it probably got ka-sploooey!-d.
  4. I love me some Noriko.

    I want her back!!!
  5. banned? =O
  6. i didn't even realized she was banned.. she had a great purse collection!
  7. This issue has been brought up again and again... we posted about it a while back on why she is banned. We will let you know if we change anything. But right now I'm going to close this because it is an old issue k :idea:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.