M first BBag is here!!!

  1. I love how different it looks in various shades of light. And what a change from my Chloe Paddy's....it weighs nothing! My chiropractor is gonna miss me! :lol:

    I can't stop smiling...now I know what all the fuss was about! :love:
    meandtruffrev.JPG meandtruffrev2.jpg trufflerevfront.JPG trufflerev5.jpg
  2. oh! it's beautiful! congrats debsmith, on ur first of "many" b-bags :P
  3. uh oh, she's now crossed over to the dark and broke side! congrats! you are now one of us. where did you buy your bag from? balny? looks like they sent you a nice one!
  4. GORGEOUS colour! CONGRATS!!!!!!! What colour is that?
  5. Congrats !!!!!!!!
    Your truffe Twiggy is just TDF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. OMG you look like a million bucks!!
  7. DebSmith congrats on your first b-bag... we'll be seeing more i suppose?? hehe..

    You baby is beautiful!! congrats again!
  8. Deb..... beautiful bag and you are gorgeous. It looks fabulous on you! I love Twiggy and I love the truffle. Congratulations!!!:yes:
  9. that looks stunning. And your beautiful happy smile is so uplifting, your joy infectious!!!

    Congratulations!!! I love your twiggy!
  10. All the comments are so sweet....

    eping and fromparis....Thank you!!! :heart:

    rocco You are way too sweet! :blush:

    Oh Donna! I got it from Bob Ellis (Bob Ellis Shoes) or call him at 843-722-2515 in Charleston...ask for Bill. He is such a doll, very helpful, will take lots of photos and email them to you if you have a request. And unlike BalNY their return policy is very generous....14 days and you can return/exchange until you're 100% satisfied. That's what sold me. If you spend that kind of money on a bag you should have that kind of service.

    seahorseinstripes I'm afraid you're right....I'm already wondering what color next?? :wtf:

    sharbear508 It's Truffle...great fun color. Especially great with jeans!
  11. Oh my....you are too kind!! :rolleyes: Thank you!!
  12. LOL!! Funny how these bags make you smile all over, isn't it?! :yes: Thank you!! My husband is going to know something is up when he walks in the door! :nuts:
  13. congrats on ur first bbag!! they are so addicitng and fun!
  14. It's a beautiful Truffe Twiggy and it looks perfect for you! Congratulations and enjoy!
  15. Welcome to the club :smile:
    Congratulations on getting a bag that makes you so happy!!!