M/color Speedy v Perfo Speedy???

  1. hey everyone! DESPERATELY need an opinion...

    I have a brand new M/color speedy in black bought in 03 & have never used it... sucked into the whole "LE" thing then it became PERMANENT! :Push:

    so should I sell it? coz I'm now TOTALLY IN LOVE with the Fuschia or Orange Perfo Speedy!!! they still have like 6 left where I live... :yahoo:

    any opinions? I was definitely gona sell the MC till I realise how much of loss I'm gona make... & also the LV SA called me last night to say they still have 6 left!!!

    how much is the MC Speedy in US dollars btw? anyone know?...:yes:

  2. $1,800
  3. Sell it! you never have used it and you never will use it.
    the perfo speedy is really nice wich color will you take?
  4. Hi.....I like the MC Speedy much better than the Perfo line. IMO To me the Perfo is 'trendy'...I don't see that style being around much longer. Good luck with your decision!! :smile:
  5. sell it if you want..you can buy it again next time. Perfo is LE, you will pay higher price if you miss out . What color are you thinking on getting??
  6. Perfo all the way! Keep us posted
  7. i like the mc speedy much better. but if you dont use the mc and you are yo in love with the perfo, then sell it and buy the perfo. :yes:
  8. Perfo is way better than mc!!!
  9. I would keep it and buy the Perfo. You bought the Speedy at a very good price, if you sold it and re-bought it for a higher price would be silly.
  10. get the perfo if that's what you love, no sense in keeping something that you wont use. I prefer the perfo myself.
  11. Hi everyone!!! wow thanks for all your replies :smile: !!! it sounds like an even split!...

    what price do you guys suggest I sell the mc for?... it's pretty hard coz I dont wana loose too much money as it is still brand new...

    other thing is that the perfo here costs the SAME as the MC!!! can you believe it!!! such a rip off!!! I know in US it retails for $1,800 (thanks Blu_77!) & the perfo is $1,200!!! duno how they price it here to be the same as the mc!!! I'm in a weird country... :confused1:

    as for the colour... not sure, they have all three colours here but personally i only like the orange or fuschia... fuschia's more fun & stands out more i suppose & the orange blends in more & so it probably stand the test of time more...

    you perfo owners got any picks to show me?...

    thanks again for all your opinions!!!