m by my ballerina slipper

  1. NMX9593_mn.jpg

    i think these are soo cute perfect for work. does anyone know anywhere these shoes are on sale? they are $295 more than i would want to spend. eluxury has them on sale for like $178 but they have only 8.5 im a size 6! TIA
  2. those are cutteee!! kind of remind me of the ones from a couple of seasons ago..sucks they dont have your size!! mine either!
  3. I don't know if they're on sale or not, but Zappos.com has them (or something very similar). They've been on my wish list for a while. Maybe they have your size (hopefully!).
  4. Those are cute, hope you find them on sale!
  5. I have a pair of really funky colored marc jacobs ballet flats and they are super comfy totally worth every penny I could wear them as if they were slippers minus the warmth. I did add some dr. scholz heel cushions to the back.
  6. i think they are gone :sad: thanks for looking though

    i think i may just splurge they are very cute and i need a low pair of shoes for work. ****** is having their cybermonday today so i will get some kind of rebate at least
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