M by MJ Wham bags? Has anyone seen these?

  1. In my latest bag quest, I have been looking at these Marc by Marc Jacobs Wham bags online. I think I like them both. The first might be a bit bigger than what I want, though. Although the second has a 17" shoulder strap and it doesn't seem to be adjustable. That could be weird. Does anyone have any thoughts on these? They are both on eLuxury in various colors.
    Wham1.jpg Wham2.jpg
  2. I think the 1st bag is super cute...try the MJ forum
  3. Those look very hot but I have no experience in the strap. I think the first one is gorgeous. I think the straps do look adjustable.

    I know there´s another wham bag (but it´s made of jeans material) at Nap at a good price.