M by MJ totally turnlock bowler

  1. OK, after reading all of the wonderful things that people have said about the M by MJ turnlock series I decided I REALLY want the bowler! I am thinking about ordering it in black because I desperately need a black bag, but I have one reservation from getting it... I start work at a conservative office on Monday (meaning I'll be wearing fairly conservative business attire like collared shirts and slacks) and I'm wondering if this bag seems a little casual for the office considering its kinda slouchy. I need some advice (or justification :yes: ) before I click the checkout button!

    Oh and another question... does anyone know any retail stores where they sell these in the flesh? I went to Nordies and none of the stores in Nor Cal (SF area at least) carry them. I love shopping online for bargains, but if I'm paying full price I like to get it in person so I can use it right away if you know what I mean!
  2. I saw them at Bloomingdales at Stanford Mall in Palo Alto...
  3. I've seen these at some Macy's and at Saks. I don't think this is too casual for your work environment. It's leather and it's black, so it's more formal than cotton or some other fabric. (If your colleagues get snobby about your bag choice, then they're too uptight AND they have bad taste.) I say get it!
  4. If you're in San Francisco, isn't there a Marc Jacobs boutique there? I would check on the website, but I'm fairly sure there is an MbMJ store.

    And I've seen them at Barney's Co-Op near me, and I think they are work appropriate. I work in DC - the town is the epitome of conservative dressing and I think that an interesting bag is a way for people to express themselves. So, I really don't think it's an inappropriate bag - the bowler doesn't have a pattern or funky design, or patches of different color.