M by MJ Teri - where can/should i buy it?

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  1. Hey there, newbie here needing some help in deciding where or if i should get the m by mj teri.

    So far i only found two places online that has this bag in the carbon blue that i want:

    eBay: NWT Marc by Marc Jacobs Teri Turnlock Carbon Blue $428 (item 320062150638 end time Dec-20-06 17:15:06 PST)

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbags Totally Turnlock Teri (Carbon Blue) - Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbags

    Couple of questions, if I may:
    1. Is this style and this color selling out fast? I can't find any on sale now, but not sure if I should wait. (I like the carbon blue way more than the yam/olive)

    2. Is zappos a legit site for buying the bag?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. 1. The totally turnlock line is VERY popular so any styles/color doesnt stay on the shelf for long. if you truly love it, it's better to buy it now rather than risk losing it by waiting for it to go on sale.

    2. zappos is a legit site. great customer service too!!
  3. ^^ ditto
  4. ops.
  5. ops that was me didn't realize zoinksta was still logged in. anyways, thanks for the feedback! what do you all think of the carbon blue? is it a nice versatile color IRL?
  6. gorgeous color - better than the photos. Somewhere between teal and denim, more blue than teal though. I got mine at Saks, a few months ago, but haven't seen anywhere else since in that color. Zappos is fantastic and will price match plus Additional 10% if you find at on-line site for less.
  7. Zappos is sold out- called last night!:wtf:
  8. i know. i was kinda bummed out. i had it in my cart for a day but couldn't make up my mind. in hindsight i should've bought it first.. oh well, that is $430 still in my wallet i guess.
  9. i have the teri in carbon blue (got it at the saks sale a month or 2 ago but they are all sold out now). the ebay pix (not stock photos) is a pretty good representation of the color. zappos is too dark.
  10. I ordered my carbon blue teri about a week ago from zappos, BUT then went on vacation. I can not wait to get back home :smile: Anyway, Neiman Marcus still has the teri in the sunset color on their site. I also saw a carbon blue one on ebay today, however I think it is over priced. I know it's becoming hard to find, but as a buy it now they want $800. The bag does not cost that much, if you're going to spend $800 get something from the Marc Jacobs Collection or 2 from the MbyMJ, lol. Or at least call around to see if more stores will be getting the carbon blue in before spending that much. But here is the link if anyone is interested:

    eBay: MARC BY MARC JACOBS BLUE TWO HANDLE BAG! NEW! (item 330065350820 end time Dec-25-06 15:56:14 PST)
  11. the carbon blue is so captivating! I hope you'll get to see and hold your bag soon. The sunset is nice as well but I think i ma hold off on it and see if I can get a small MP or an anna corinna bag. You are right for $800 i might as well buy two bag or one from the reg. MJ line.
  12. I just ordered the Teri in black - gave up on finding Carbon Blue. Saks has another one in stock in their Richmond VA store they will ship out. I got mine direct from MJ - but they said they are shipping all their 2006 selection out of the boutiques to make way for spring. No carbon blue Teri or Softy Carry All though - darn!
  13. I saw a carbon blue Teri at Bloomingdales Huntington, NY store last week if anybody is still looking for one. They might be doing presales for their upcoming sale. Maybe 15% off.