m by mj softy tote

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  1. hi--
    a quick question for anyone who has this bag (mine is black)...

    is the stitching around the handles sort of thready on yours? it seems like the ends of the thread keep coming out, i trim it, and more pops out.
    i'm so annoyed and just wondering if mine is a lemon, or if it's common! i called bloomindale's and they said they offer a repair service--but to bring it in for them to check out. ugh.

  2. I don't have this bag, but if you trim stiches on anything, the thread gets shorter and pulls out of the holes it was in, which is why the thread keeps coming out. If it's more convenient, maybe you can take it to a cobbler?
    I'm sorry, I hate when threads come loose :sad:. Hopefully you can get it fixed!
  3. I had this happen with another bag (but only about an inch came out). I actually went to the fabric store and bought the same color thread and a leather needle and resewed it through the original holes. A cobbler could probably repair it too.