M by MJ Jazz - Silver Stars

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  1. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to save pics off the MJ site or how to attach a link. Has anyone seen the silver Jazz bag with the stars all over it?

    I have yet to find any stores online that carry it... Please post where/when you saw the bag.

  2. There was a girl in one of the LJ communities who got a black one recently so some MbyMJ stores have gotten it already. I'll try to get more info for you
  3. yes! silver, black, and navy is in MbyMJ stores
  4. LA MbyMJ has the star bag.
  5. That's such a cute bag!! I wonder what it looks like in black.
  6. Here's the photo from the MJ website

  7. hey mellow jen i wrote you and you never wrote me back...
  8. ^Thanks! Has anyone seen the bag in person? Does it look nice or kinda cheesy?!
  9. Very pretty-
  10. Wow!! I think its cute, but agree with dls80ucla on the fact that I would love to see it in other colors!! I don't think I would use it for everyday... but for a fun "sometimes" bag - how cute!! :smile:
  11. ooo! I like the color of that bag. But I'm not a huge fan of the stars.
  12. I saw this in Chicago Macy's store today, but is in Gray color! Silver would be nice though!
  13. ^ I saw it today at the MBMJ boutique, the silver color is actually really muted, like a pewter color. Not so bright. Maybe you saw the silver and thought it was gray?