M by MJ in San Fran

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  1. I'll be heading to San Fran in about a month and I was wondering if anybody knows the store hours for the M by MJ on Filmore.

    I know I can always call them but I'm from Canada and there are long distance charges involved ...
  2. I don't know about Fillmore, but Macy's Union Square has some. Good Luck!
  3. I wanted to go to the actual store for some goodies that are only available in the store but thanks anyway!
  4. They're open daily from 11am to 8pm.
  5. thank you so much!!
  6. i love that store!
  7. You are going to love the location. That street has the best shopping!
  8. sure does. my favorite store used to be shu uemura! but now it might be marc by mj lol
  9. i agree, that store is great! lots of sale merchandise too and cute keychains in a ton of colors for only $5! also stop by bittersweet chocolate cafe across the street afterward for the yummiest hot choc and a little snack. :drool:
  10. Sorry to disagree with everyone, I don't like the MbyMJ store. Compare to MJ store on Maiden Lane, this store screams amateur! It's like H&M with a higher price tag. Don't get me wrong, the items are nice and love their clothes. It's just a feeling of how the store sets up makes it look cheap and always wonder who's the art director of this store? They sure could hire better people to make their display.

    I know a lot of people have some problem with the customer service though I've never experienced it, since I've only been to this store twice.

    You can read more of their reviews here http://www.yelp.com/biz/oL1-iWbaEKL5gxco6U3d8Q

    However, don't let me ruin your shopping spree on Fillmore street. They have a lot of great stores!
  11. the san fran one is TINY!!!! so crowded. The los angeles one on melrose is the biggest Marc by Marc Store ever! I asked the other day when i was there. And the smallest is new Yorks. can you believe that!

  12. thanks for the great tip about the chocolate cafe!! :drool:
  13. also, i heard that some marc jacobs store (not sure which ones) have photo booths? does anybody know if this one has a photobooth? or if any of the marc jacobs stores in san fran has photobooths?
  14. yes! this one did... and i guess for easter they had this giant chick display set up in the window that you could take pix with, but when i was there nobody was actually taking photos, so i'm not sure if they have certain days/times they take 'em or what. but they did have polaroids up of ppl who had taken the photos.