M by MJ Dr. Q Groovee or A-Line satchel on sale?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am really lusting after a black M by MJ bag - either the A-Line or the Dr. Q Groovee. (Although if I could find the Dr. Q in Chocolate, my decision would be easy!)

    My question is: do you think I will ever be able to find either of these on a good online sale? Or should I just bite the bullet and order it for full price? :sweatdrop:

    Thank you for any advice!!
  2. Dr. Q Groovee!! hands down. I have the Dr. Q Groovee in chocolate (sorry i don't plan to ever part with it :x lol) and i absolutely LOVE it. I would so buy another one ... or two (pst.. Bordeaux and Grey) so yeah, i'm a bit biased but definitely go with a Groovee.
    i'd have to say i prefer the fall'07 Groovees to the newer ones. Maybe you can buy the black and keep looking for the chocolate... and then you can sell off the black once you find a chocolate? That was my plan because i wanted the Bordeaux... but not my plan is, if i see a bordeaux... i'm buying myself another Groovee!! lol
    i don't think you should wait for sales... you might miss out.
  3. definately buy it now! you can also resell it later if you come accross another colour :smile:

    grovee's are the best ;)
  4. I prefer the softness/ squishiness of the Groovee over the A-line. I really like the softy A-line (which I don't think is available anymore; correct me if I am wrong), but the Lovely A-line looks a little stiff to me. I also like the versatily of the hand-held handles, and the long shoulder strap of the Groovee.
    Personally I am drooling over the grey Groovee these days!

    ...it will definitely be my next purchase!
  5. I think I have to agree with you lades. The Lovley Aline is cute, but it seems like more sporty bag to me, if that sounds right. I think the Groovee is a more classic bag.

    I can only make a big splurge every now and then so I imagine the Groovee would be a better choice if I need to use it for several years.
  6. I agree with coopyer1 that the Groovee is a better choice and that for the Aline, I would go with the Softy than the Lovely as the leather on Lovely seems to be more structured and stiffer. :flowers: