M and M's - Make your Own!

  1. This is the COOLEST THING EVER right now! Go to http://www.becomeanmm.com/, and you can literally make your own M and M! You can make it a he or a she, you can make it look like a regular M and M, or a peanut or almond-shaped M and M, you can give it high heels or pink hair or a handbag!! Seriously...it is so fun! You can make up to 50 M and M's! And you can put them in pictures and e-mail it to your friends! I just found this and made 3 already!

    Have fun! Let me know how your creation's turn out!
  2. How funny!!! Reminds me of the thread that was around during Valentine's Day where you could make your own candy heart... Here's my sassy little aqua candy girl:
  3. I tried to order some for my brother for his birthday one year that said "Ian sucks" on them and they wouldn't print it. A guy even called me to tell me they couldn't do that or anything else of a negative nature, but he did laugh.
  4. I saw the commercial this morning and tried it! so cute!
  5. really cool! thanks!
  6. haha.. my friend had this on her myspace of her and her boyfriend. so cute. here's mine:

    my hair's not currently blonde, but it is in fauxhawk fashion.. and i do intend on getting it colored too.
  7. cool :smile:
  8. awe!! This is the cutest thing ever!!!
  9. Super cute!!
  10. [​IMG]

    Here's mine.. pink uggs and all. LOL :wlae:
  11. LOL! awwww sounds like someting I would do! :lol: too bad they wouldn't do it for you!
  12. It is precisely so that earth residents may receive the benefits of websites like this that Al Gore invented the internets.
  13. Hmmm...no idea what that means! Here is mine...look at me and my M and M!
    Jessica.jpg M and M upclose.jpg
  14. How about anyone else?
  15. OMG! These are so cute!