Lyon Hermes? SA anyone?

  1. I am traveling to France next week and will be in Lyon for a few days...any thoughts on what that store is like? Any chance to catch a birkin? Does anyone have an SA there that I could ask for? Thanks!!
  2. Please...someone help!!
  3. Sorry no help on SA but apparently good Birkin availability.

    A friend was there in the summer at the same time I was in Paris. She reported good Birkin availability while there was a Birkin drought in Paris. She even had Birkin evidence to show for her trip.
  4. I replied to your post on the Hermes Shopping subforum
  5. I'd have a hard time leaving the restaurants in Lyon.
    Have a great time & good luck on your Birkin safari!
  6. I'n interested in this too.
    Any new bk scored in Lyon?
  7. I am reviving this thread

    As I will travelling to Lyon in March, I would love to have a nice SA to assist me when I go there. Thanks.
  8. Hi Footlocker,

    I had been to the Lyon store last year, and the store is very big and the inventory was very good there even in peak of summer. The SAs there r very friendly and I had this young girl help me with my requests, she was very sweet to me and patient with my queries, unfortunately I cant remember her name. But it would be helpful if you call ahead and ask about their inventory and i am sure they will be able to help you on the phone if you are looking for a non B or K article. Hope this helps, I didnt find any of the Sas rude or snobbish at all.
  9. Hi Rains

    Thanks for your reply. I will call ahead and make an appointment. Wondering, they speak English, right? The only French I know is 'bonjou, merci, voila'...
  10. They do speak English and that will do just fine, my french is very basic too, i didnt bother apart from speaking other than bonjour and merci.
  11. Any update on Hermes inventory in Lyon? I'm off to Lyon for christmas!