Lyon Hermes? SA anyone?

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  1. I am traveling to France next week and will be in Lyon for a few days...any thoughts on what that store is like? Any chance to catch a birkin? Does anyone have an SA there that I could ask for? Thanks!!
  2. I was just at the Lyon boutique today.

    Their boutique is undergoing some renovations at the moment, so they are temporarily located on Quai Saint Antoine.

    I was helped out by Amber, who was a nice SA there. They had quite a few Lindy bags in several colors, in both clemence and swift. I saw chocolate, a reddish brown, and parchemin. They are all lovely, and are seriously making me reconsider my desire for a Birkin as a first Hermes bag.

    I asked off handedly if they have any Birkins, and Amber said they had none at all. I didnt press the issue because I was only there for one day, and because I will be exploring other H boutiques in the south of France. I did see a HAC on display, but it was reserved...I think it was Chocolate Box, 30cm, PH.

    Bonne chance, in any case
  3. Hi Mimi,

    I know this is an old post but have you maintained contact with Amber there? Is she still there?


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