:: Lyn's Tiny Collection ::

  1. I have enjoyed my time at this forum. Everyone's been really nice. I've enjoyed looking at all the gorgeous bags! some collections make me speechless :love:. It's good to see some fellow voguettes, LVLU-ers & msians around. *Waves* HI!!

    I thought i'd post my collection here too with all you fellow handbag lovers.
    Unfortunately I've just graduated, so I haven't bought any bags for a few months now :cry:. I probably won't until I get a steady & proper job. So here's my really tiny collection that I've amassed :shame::



    In no particular order:
    Coach kitten heels, Coach Optic kitten heels, Black Rubber Coach kitten heels, LV pink cherry blossom flats, LV caramel lomboks, LV pink lomboks, LV Bahia Thongs, LV amman messenger, LV shirley, LV cabas mary kate, Gucci messenger, Gucci Tote, Balenciaga first in white.

    Bottom Picture: YSL kahala tote, LV Coussin GM, Marc Jacobs heels.

    Accessories: Mini monogram billfold, cerises cles, mini monogram agenda, MC carnet de bal.




  2. Lovely collection, especially your Shirley and cherry blossom flats :smile:
  3. OMG, that's so not a tiny collection... Very cute!
  4. Great collection!
  5. That LV Mini-monogram with the 2 stripes (from last year) is to die for! Kicking myself for not picking it up when I saw it in store!
  6. great collection, i really love your YSL tote.
  7. wow that YSL bag is soo cute! How much are those?
  8. Great collection, love your mini mono..
  9. great collection, love the shirley!
  10. Congrats on your graduation. Lovely collection with an awesome combo of brands, and your Shirley and Carnet look so cute together!

    What are you using your Carnet for? I think it's so cute, but I can't think of a real use for one (yet!!).

    p.s. I just love your icon!
  11. i :heart: the shirley,and the cherry blossom flats =D
  12. beautiful collection!!

    i love that YSL tote, I need one of those!!
  13. I love your collection. The YSL is in the exact color combo I love!!!
  14. I love your collection... esp. the Shirley and the Cabas Mary Kate :love:
  15. You have a very nice collection!