LynPink's *UPDATED* collection =)

  1. Hello all!;)
    I requested my previous thread be deleted to start a fresh new one. I had fun sharing my bags the first time around but since then I have purchased a few more goodies. Neverfull MM, Cabas Piano & Inclusion PM in Amarante (definitely thee BEST impulse buy!) I'm Anxiously waiting for FedEx to deliver my Fleurs key holder TODAY:sweatdrop:!! I will post pics as soon as I get it.

    My twin sister is the Gucci & Coach collector and she gave me that lonely Gucci in the back (great for clubbin’!)

    Thanks for stopping by & ENJOY!
    DSC03392.JPG DSC03396.JPG
  2. Great collection-love your charms bag!
  3. Great collection!
  4. Nice collection! I love the Chains Pochette the most!
  5. I've never been so excited to see the FedEx man..heehee.

    I :heart: my Multicolour Fleurs key holder!!
    DSC03400.JPG DSC03401.JPG DSC03402.JPG
  6. Gorgeous collection! Thanks for sharing ;)
  7. Great collection!
  8. gorgeous collection...that mc fleurs key holder is absolutely adorable!
  9. Love the charms pochette!
  10. lol, i know what you mean by never being so excited to see the fedex man. LOL, wondering wats goin on...probably the best job ever because you get to see happy people, but may be scary because there's probably lots of stalkers. i like your collection btw, every purse is perfect!
  11. I love the LV bangle!

    I do loooove my chains pochette as well...was pricey for a pochette but I HAD to have it!!
  13. Gorgeous LV collection!!
  14. awesome collection.
  15. Beautiful Inclusion!! great catch! Love the Charms Bag...