Lyndsey shoes on sale at Coach store

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  1. My Coach store had the Lyndsey shoes (top pair in link) marked down to $49 so of course I had to scoop them up. Not sure I if I will keep them but I figured I could always return them if I don't wear them. For some reason, they don't fit as well as the other Coach shoes I have so that's why they may have to go back.

  2. They were only 30% off when I purchased them 2 weeks ago.
    Now they are 1/2 off!
    They are pretty and comfortable!
  3. BEWARE of the metallic leather rubbing off! It'll happen after about a month or so! :cry:
  4. ^^UGH!^^:cursing:
  5. I KNOW. I've had mine for a month and there are big black spots where my toes sit, where the metallic has rubbed right off. :sad: My manager is really upset about it; says we'll be getting a lot of returns.
  6. I have heard this happening to bags as well!

    My poor gold leather on my Legacy collection!:nuts:
  7. That's why I've started to shy away from metallic leather. And it makes me soooo sad because a gold Carly would just make me :nuts:
  8. :true:
  9. i tried SO hard to get them to fit...but they just fit my foot weird. i have a wide foot and normally wear and 8.5-9...and when the 10 still wasn't wide enough, i gave up.

  10. I had that issue too, Kallison! I felt like I had such fat feet. I had to get an 11 and they were still a little narrow but they conformed to my feet and are perfect now. It's weird now narrow they were!
  11. I did the same thing, Sarah! Got 11's and they fit great after 2 weeks of breaking them in!
  12. Im glad I read this post I wanted these sandals but not if the color is going to rub off.
  13. some flippys feel weird. yeah, they don't all fit the same and that's kinda frustrating huh? you got a great deal on them but i don't think it's worth it if it's going to make you suffer in the long run.
  14. I have them in gum metal too. I wear them almost daily and I've had them for about 3 weeks. I love them and haven't seen the metallic part rub off...yet. I hope they don't. Jeez, half off....:Push: Mine were like 30% :tdown:
  15. Thanks for the info ladies. The finish rubbing off would bug me plus I don't love the way they fit anyway so back they will go.