Lynderella Chit Chat, Swatches, Questions, and The Kitchen Sink

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  1. You're welcome, and yes, at most it lightens the color very slightly. I only did a single coat of RC though. I didn't want to use it up on multiple coats on a plastic wheel right now.

    I think my favorites are having it over the two Chanel Blues and Illamasqua Blow. For some reason, over Blow, it reminds me of the top of a cupcake. I get really hungry looking at it.
  2. Same here. I want to gift one of mine that I haven't used yet and I'll be repurchasing it when she opens again. But deep down I know it'll be a different bottle and it's driving me nuts :lol:
  3. I think it's called being anal retentive.
  4. Thanks gga. They all look great. I love how the RC softens the other colors. Lynnderella polishes are all so gorgeous!!:love:

    Those colors all rock!! She comes up with such gorgeous colors/glitters!!

    I'm getting where you both come from, lol. My dh and mom laugh at me because I want EVERYTHING Symmetrical. Once, when we were planting some bushes and flowers I was all out of whack because the plants/flowers were not EXACT on each side of the mailbox. My mom, who volunteers as a guide for the the Arboretum, and works with all the Prairie plants/flowers looked at me and said, 'Lauri, get over it, Mother Nature is NOT symmetrical!!"
    I'm getting(a little) better!!:p
  5. Wow this is beautiful!
  6. But she SHOULD be!!!
  7. Anyone know if Lynn is a TPF member??
  8. ^yes, you ARE crazy, but that's a different issue :nuts: :p :giggles: (sorry, it was right there...I had to)

    you're right though...TGP's bottle looks darker than mine. lynnderella did say the formulas can very from batch to batch.

    ^hehehe...I guess I'm lucky then since I actually enjoy having different bottles

    ^& now I want a cupcake too. did you notice the egg nog sugar candy that she posted on her blog? pale yellow base with 1 coat of happy holo-daze...I'm super tempted to try that

    ^awwwwww :giggles:

  9. ^thank you!

    I guess I'm in the minority here since I prefer asymmetrical.

  10. Um, embarassing.:shame: I realign the dishwasher after others put things in cuz I want everything to line up straight!!:giggles: (plus, more stuff fits in!! LOL)
  11. Oh Em Gee - love Ribbon Candy over Blow and Load - I'm about to Blow a Load!
  12. ^blow a load. Almost spit coffee on my ipad!!! Lol
  13. omg, me too. dying.
  14. She sure makes pretty glitter. I was gifted 2 of them from her older collection. I hold them dear to my heart.

  15. Yeah.. I just larted!
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