Lynderella Chit Chat, Swatches, Questions, and The Kitchen Sink

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  1. Your nails look great, keep on posting!:smile:
  2. Love the Mardi Gras mani, julibean!
  3. Thanks! I Can Afford it has flecks of gold, copper and purple glitter & that inspired me to use it for Mardi Gras
  4. Love them both! Connect the dots looks amazing on you over that RBL!
  5. *HUGS*

    :sad: I lost a friend a month ago as well (jan 21), he was only 32. He just went to bed and never woke up. It's scary!
  6. Love the Mardi Gras look!
  7. I know. Not that ANYONE is supposed to die, but at age 30 you just dont even contemplate it as an option.
  8. Hahaha you know better than I do! This is the first I heard of it.

    You have a bunch of gorgeous not for sale ones and I am sooooo envious :biggrin:
  9. [​IMG]

    I layered Liquid Valentine over Julep's Glenn which is a nice metallic-y red that flashes hot pink a little, especially in the sun. I'm finding it hard to find a good color, some of the glitters get lost on red/darker pinks, but the base is tinted so it looks strange over light colors.
  10. i'm not really up to speed with things lynnderella but i read on a nail blog about what happened and i was just totally shaken :C i cannot believe something that's supposed to bring people joy has amounted to so much stress on this woman!

    i have friend i work with during the summer who is TWENTY-TWO and had a stroke at the end of last year. everyone was just so shocked because he was so young. he is better now but the after effect is so obvious: he slurs when he speaks, he is constantly forgetting things, and he has an extremely short temper now. it is so sad to see :sad:

    i really hope leah ann doesnt suffer too much from her her heart attack, i hope she really does heed everyones warning and take it easy.
  11. Green of Hearts is gorgeous!
    I really love Liquid Valentine. Is this the version on yhe wishlist from Leah Ann? I want to get this one, not the other one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.